7 Self-Care Travel Tips To Stay Healthy, Present, and Intentional

As you make your way to any event for your work … remember to set an intention of deep Self-Care as you arrive in this powerful space so you stay present, energized and ready to receive all of the love, wisdom and connection.

These are some strategies I teach clients and in my mastermind to help you stay present, healthy and intentional as you travel and attend events –

These are a few ways to create a container of Self-Care:

  • Arrive early so you’re not rushed
  • Stay hydrated and bring healthy snacks,
  • Make sleep a non-negotiable priority,
  • Pause several times throughout the day to check in with your body and take nice deep belly breaths,
  • Step outside to get fresh air when you need it
  • Before you say yes or no to an invitation, check in with your intuitive knowing and honor this
  • Wake up each morning and move your body to ignite your inner-pilot light, meditate, set intention (this simple Sacred morning practice is a pivotal aspect of my teaching and will change your life in miraculous ways)

AFTER the event, don’t dive right back into work. Take some time … even an hour to integrate, journal and contemplate what changes you’re going to commit to as a result of the event.

And most of all … decide to ENJOY the journey and stay open to the magic if connection.

Enjoy the journey!


Before you say yes or no - Elena Lipson

Business Heroine Magazine


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