Spotlight Interview: Catherine Tapponnier on How to ‘Live Our Happy’

Catherine Tapponnier is the Founder of Magical You. She is the author of “Flying Solo Again – Divorcing, Separating or Breaking Up? How To Rebuild And Move On Positively” and co-author of “Fighting Fatigue – a practical guide to managing the symptoms of CFS/ME.” Catherine’s life experiences and personal challenges have been catalysts to her uncovering the great rewards of living life openly, gently, and kindly. Through Catherine’s coaching, women experience finding their own truth and path in life, and they learn to live in a way where they experience all the beauty life has to offer. It is her personal mission to ensure that women live happy and fulfilled lives, on their terms, in a way that is aligned to feminine values of nurturing, community and support. Originally from Yorkshire, Catherine now lives in London and Wales with her husband, André. Enjoy her exclusive Business Heroine Interview. . . 



BH: How did you end up doing what you do? Tell us your story!   

Catherine: Just over 10 years ago, when I was still only in my mid thirties. I remember looking forward in my life and not feeling the least bit excited or inspired. I was ill and I was in a marriage that was no longer working. I didn’t know what to do about any of it. I didn’t know how to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled in my life.

After nearly drowning while I was scuba diving in 2005, I woke up with a jolt. In the moment when I really thought I was going to die that day, something in me rose up and said “No!” I realized I wanted to finish the art course that I was doing at college at the time, and that I was loving so much. I realized there were things in life that did thrill me.

Over time, I realized I was living a life that wasn’t aligned to the truth of who I am.

I finally left my marriage and set about discovering what makes me happy. It might sound crazy, and I didn’t even really know what foods I really loved to eat, or what kinds of clothes I liked to wear. I’d got so lost over the years, and it took some time to reconnect with myself.

I chose to see the whole process as a big adventure and voyage of discovery. The only thing I could do was to just try some things and see what I liked and what worked (for me), and what didn’t, until I found my way through.

I realized I wasn’t alone in feeling that way, and I knew I wanted to support other women who are feeling the same.


Catherine Tapponnier (Business Heroine Magazine)


BH: What is your ‘Wake Up Call for the World?’ In other words, what is most of the world asleep about that you would love to wake up?

Catherine: We are all receiving, and are even bombarded by, so many influences and messages, on the outside of us, that it can be really hard to tune in, and really know, what’s really right for us (and what isn’t) and be guided by that knowing, rather than by anything, or anyone, on the outside of us.

The only person who can make you/me happy is you/me, and there is no hiding or getting away from this simple truth.

And, also, I know how it can be the trickiest thing, in that we’re not generally taught how to access, and use, our own inner guidance, to navigate life, and, how to ‘live our happy’.



BH: What are the biggest challenges or aspirations your clients come to you with, and what does your work make possible for them?

Catherine: For some it’s the heavy weight of to-do lists, “have tos,” and overwhelm of day-to-day life that takes over and they wonder if it is truly possible to have the life they really want to have. Others feel stuck, disconnected, and even a deep sense of aloneness. Something just doesn’t feel right, yet they don’t know how to move forward or even if they have it in them to do so.

I help my clients to live life on their terms, in a way that feels really, really good to them, no matter how they feel right now.

I help my clients to wake up in the morning feeling excited and inspired by their life. I liken it to how it feels when you first fall in love, or, to that excitement you feel when you’re about to go on the trip of a lifetime, or when you get that wonderful job you’ve been dreaming of.



BH: We’re curious about your breakthrough moment in business. Looking back, what created the breakthrough?   

Catherine: My breakthrough moment was really getting it, that I didn’t have to have everything all figured out and super ‘polished’ to be able to help someone, and that I could simply start where I was, and just keep taking the steps, knowing that both me and my business would evolve and grow as I went along. My husband was a great support with that, in encouraging me to just get started.


Catherine Tapponnier (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


BH: What words of wisdom do you have for all the emerging Business Heroines out there who are on the cusp of creating their own purpose-based business?

Catherine: To do what it took me so long to do, and that is, to get started, in a way that feels right, to you, right now, no matter in how small a way that might be.

It’s much better to have a go and do something and to begin getting your message and work out into the world, even if it’s not as polished and perfect as you think it should be, than to keep hiding your light and gifts.
I think we are all born with gifts that we’re here to share, and it really is our responsibility to share them.


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