The Beauty Behind Letting Go of Your Dreams

Elena Lipson (Business Heroine Magazine)

Sometimes we hang on to ways of being.

We grip tightly to dreams of the future…

Those that we scribbled in journals late into the night after someone told us we’re good at this or that.

Those dreams become our compass, our north star our filter for all decisions we make.

Those dreams that we layered with shoulds and musts and how-tos.

And we make a timeline, if only in our minds wall calendar with bullet points and post-it notes and layers of vision boards images from magazines filled with other people’s dreams.

And we look and we look at that vision, that dream, with a tunnel vision of hope and prayers.

We keep it in our hearts and sprinkle wishes and late night tears all over it.

Then one day, one simple day … after days of fever and illness … of unplanned time off .. and dammit,there’s so much to do for my dream .. its waiting for me … I have things to do!!!

One day, laying next to that sweet child, with big eyes and sweet cheeks looking up so joyfully … giggling because we’re speaking in our own silly language…

Giggling because life is so damn good right this very moment…

And tears form in my eyes because I realize that as I’ve been staring at that vision board with pictures of someones else’s dream.

I missed something so BIG. I missed this very tiny moment.

How many nights did we lay here as I was somewhere else thinking about the BIG “dream”? Missing these sweet tiny moments.

One day, someone told me that mamas use their kids as ammunition to give up on their dreams.

F**k that.

She has no idea.

Our sweet tiny ones are no ammunition. They are the reminders. The blessings.

My love. My reminder to play, to focus on the ONE THING that’s most important in the moment. The moment. Who ever your LOVE is. Even if it’s YOU.

How many moments do we miss with ourselves, with our loved ones because we’re checking our stats? Instagramming the magic moment.

Missing the chance to feel it. REALLY feel it.

Dammit. I have to laugh and cry.

My work is my passion. Not my excuse to unplug from the moment. The moment is what fuels my WORK.

When we miss being fully present with either … we miss both. 

So while we may let go of the “dream” in the way they tell us it should be, there is a new dream that emerges.

It’s unexpected, it’s beautiful, it’s SO much bigger and so much more beautiful than we thought.

It’s the one where we remember why we started in the first place. It’s the dream where we get to decide ALL of it and we don’t have to do it alone because our guides, our sisters, our angels and the dear sweet powerful divine is working with you at all times.

So go rest. Take deep care of yourself.

You can let go and not worry, stress, try SO hard to DO the shoulds and musts.

You can let go and feel and write and play.

I invite you to let go.

And invite what’s right in front of you to emerge into full magical beautiful BIGNESS.



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