Activating “The Click” with Soul Art – Access Your Flourishing Life

Business Heroine Magazine is a proud sponsor for International Soul Art Day, an annual event created by Laura Hollick. This is an honor.

NLaura Hollick Soul Art Day Business Heroine Magazineot just because Laura Hollick is one of my favorite entrepreneurs ever.

Which she is.

After all, Laura has geniusly shattered the old and stubborn paradigm of the “starving artist” and created a crazy successful business, Soul Art Studio, where she literally transforms her life into art and activates this whole new paradigm of what is possible for the rest of us.

But that’s not the only reason I’m thrilled to be a Soul Art Day sponsor. It’s personal too.

See, on a sleepy evening recently I was laying on the couch, typing Facebook messages on my phone with my thumb as I started to drift. Something my new friend Sarah wrote inspired me, and we ended up in a private message thread that stuck with me for days. Here’s that conversation…

Sarah FB Convo 1 Sarah FB Convo 2

This conversation has everything to do with Laura Hollick and Soul Art Day – I just didn’t know it at the time.

See, I’ve asked Laura on several occasions, “How can a person get the results they want (i.e. money!) faster? What’s the short cut?”

And Laura opened a beautiful perspective for me about honoring – and actually embracing – the role that time plays in creating what we want. The necessity of deep roots to reach great heights. How strong internal foundations sustain your external results. Trusting the unfolding of your journey because there is often more to the picture than you can see.

Laura Hollick Soul Art Day Business Heroine MagazineWise. True. In fact, Laura’s own unfolding within time is a story you must hear when you get the chance. The short version is, Laura made a pact with the Universe that she would walk for 10,000 kilometers delivering mail for the Canada Post with the intention of discovering her true career by the time she finished. She trusted time, and the results were magical.

So, honoring time, yes.

And yet. It feels like this ‘trying-so-hard-for-so-long’ thing is getting old. Just me? How about evolving beyond struggle. How about clicking into what you’re meant to be doing here so you can make the difference you’re meant to make and flourish the way nature intends. Isn’t it time for that?

Ah yes. And guess what – that’s what Soul Art Day is about. It activates the click.

Laura Hollick Soul Art Day Business Heroine MagazineIt’s not an airy-fairy head-in-the-clouds thing either. Laura takes art seriously. It’s not a hobby. In fact, what is now known around the world as “Soul Art” is the exact process Laura created to set herself free. It is what she did to heal physical imbalances in her own body and, again, to transition from barely having enough money for food to having a high-six figure business doing what she loves.

Laura discovered how to intentionally use art as a powerful tool to access your wisdom, receive all the answers you need, and reach your truest potential in all areas of life (including money). That is the power of Soul Art.

The event based on this work, International Soul Art Day, is an annual gathering (via live web cam) of people all around the world who have been growing deep roots and are now ready to break through the soil. Who are ready to “click” and be one of those flowers blooming in the pasture.

Laura Hollick Soul Art Day Business Heroine MagazineThis year Soul Art Day itself falls on the full moon, and the entire month is rich with opportunities to connect with your creativity and open up your next vision for what you want to do and be in your life.

And you are invited. This is your journey of coming to your core so everything you do radiates from the foundation of who you are.

It’s time to bring all the inner work you’ve been doing into your outer world reality now. Time for your “click.”

What To Do Now:

1) Join the Soul Art festivities now at
You’ll not only receive a free virtual ticket to this global creative event, you’ll also gain access to Laura’s Hollick’s 4 Sacred Soul Art Rituals to guide you through your very own Soul Art Journey.

2) Mark your calendar for May 14th, 2014 at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern
That’s when I’ll personally be joining Laura on a live Google Hangout as part of the International Soul Art Day activities, and will share my own Soul Art journey with you live!

3) Give yourself a high five (it’s okay, I do it all the time)
I happen to believe the fact that you’re reading this means you’re ready for the “click.” Do you agree? Share your comments below!





One Response to “Activating “The Click” with Soul Art – Access Your Flourishing Life”

  1. jennifer
    May 7, 2014 at 12:23 pm #

    Looking forward to seeing you there next week, Anne!
    Getting my “materials” out right now. (Actually, they are always out.)
    Thanks for promoting this!. Love Laura!

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