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Kara McKay (Business Heroine Magazine)

Sacred Sassy Heroine: Shero Sign up Sheet

Sacred Sassy Heroine: This is the everyday goddess within each woman. It is she who harnesses the unfeigned feminine energy that makes you divine. She embraces all-she-is and struts it like she means it. Tomorrow is the full moon. This cosmic event serves as a reminder to crack out of your proper exoskeleton and reconnect with the more »

Anne-Sophie Dumetz (Business Heroine Magazine)

She’s A Changemaker: Defeat Self Sabotage in 3 Easy Steps

She’s a Changemaker: Every heroine has a Changemaker within. She’s smitten with a dream that feels bigger than she is, and she dares to rise into it. She bravely steps beyond her fear, choosing instead her soul’s deepest desires. She has the audacity to disturb, defy, and go her own way. Heed the call of more »

Amethyst Wyldfyre (Business Heroine Magazine)

The Empowered Messenger: Investing In Yourself When You Have No Money

The Empowered Messenger – The heroine whose message burns inside her, begging to be released. Even though her pen may quiver and her voice may shake, she knows it is time to stand in her power – clear, confident, courageous. She says yes to the call, and she shares her message, because she was born to more »

Allyson Spellman (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Bring Your “A” Game

In my “former life” I was an actress and in-between gigs I did what most actresses have to do to survive –get a “real job.” For me that job meant I better become a “take no prisoners” salesperson or I wasn’t going to make my rent. It was during those “starving artist” years that I more »

Kristen Domingue (Business Heroine Magazine)

3 Things Your Family Can Reveal About Your Purpose

Often when I check in with my friends over the holidays, they say they’re having a great time…but… …Mom is doing that thing again. …Dad won’t stop complaining. …Siblings still fill-in-the-blank. While my friends are grateful for the family time, they mention being glad it will be over soon. I used to be the same more »

Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

Hello, my human friend.

Years ago, I had a business card that simply said: “Anne Pike, Human Being.” Pike is my maiden name. Human Being is the best I could come up with to describe my role in the world. I truly didn’t know what title to give myself (I was dabbling in real estate as the time), and more »