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Share Ross (Business Heroine Magazine)

Cover Interview: Share Ross – Discover Your Inner Rockstar and Make Epic Sh*t Happen!

Share Ross is best known as the bassist for the band Vixen. Share has led a life of many, many reinventions and careers as a marketing director, knitting book author, travel agent, shiatsu therapist, video producer editor, and coach. She knows what it’s like to seek, stretch, and hunt for an inner purpose.  As a Rock more »

Alexis Pierce (Business Heroine Magazine)

Are You Living Someone Else’s Dream?

There can be a certain sadness to following your dreams in the beginning. You might want things that take you away from loved ones or familiar settings. You might have to leave behind old friends and ways of being that don’t reflect what you want for yourself in the future. Choosing between two things you might equally love more »

Anne-Sophie Dumetz (Business Heroine Magazine)

She’s a Changemaker: Be GREAT At Being GOOD

She’s a Changemaker: Every heroine has a Changemaker within. She’s smitten with a dream that feels bigger than she is, and she dares to rise into it. She bravely steps beyond her fear, choosing instead her soul’s deepest desires. She has the audacity to disturb, defy, and go her own way. Heed the call of more »

Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

Building the WRONG Dream…Sucks

My friend Anne-Sophie recently asked me: Have you ever built the wrong dream? What a sobering concept, huh? Different than dreaming “too small.” Or having a BIG dream but not being ready to go for it yet. Flat out building the wrong dream? Nobody had ever asked me that before. And as soon as she asked more »

Keep Saying YES to Your Dream

Immerse to Emerge – Creating the Space for Your Business Dreams

An idea I had years ago recently re-emerged and practically smacked me in the face… See, last week, I was reflecting on my own path into entrepreneurship… That first moment when I knew I no longer had to rely on side jobs or soul-sucking day careers to pay the bills. The experience of my own business more »

Business Heroine Magazine

Ask a Heroine: Finding Your Calling, Rocking Your Bitch Shoes, and More!

Ask A Heroine: Welcome to the experts corner, love. This is where you ask your burning questions on business and life, and receive personal advice from the best. Each month we feature amazing industry Heroines and their wise video answers to your deepest inquiries. Here, questions give way to solutions, insights transform into action, and more »

Lydia Lee (Business Heroine Magazine)

How Do I Choose the Right Career if I’m Multi-Passionate?

Suffering from analysis paralysis? Too many interests and can’t pick one to go with? If the worst thing right now for you are too many choices, consider yourself lucky. Embrace the fact that you have so many interests. Who ever said you had to die with just one anyway? To start, stop beating yourself up more »

Is Shia LaBeouf a Business Heroine Trapped in an Intense Male Actor’s Body?

This cracks me up. And (dare I admit it) inspires me? Umm, I think? You may have seen various renditions of this peculiar re-edited and re-shaped video, virally passed around throughout the inter webs. (It was a green screen experiment in which Shia LaBeouf recorded about 30 minutes of random scripts for a video art more »