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Grace Kelly (Business Heroine Magazine)

How To Navigate Life And Business Gracefully

Self-consciousness blocks connection in life and business. People feel it when your focus is on yourself, your agenda, and not them. I really got this about 8 months ago when I invested in a weekend event. I sat in a room with a small group of people and I couldn’t relax. I kept wondering: Was my dress OK? How more »

Elena Lipson (Business Heroine Magazine)

5 Self-Care Tips for Life and Business

One of the biggest complaints I hear when women are drawn to work with me in my year long journey program is: “I don’t have enough time or energy to do all the things on my list…how can I add MORE stuff, MORE Self-Care…where do I start?” After 16 yrs of coaching, 3 businesses, having more »

Elena Lipson (Business Heroine Magazine)

The Life and Business Pivot: Your Turn to Go with the Flow

But, what about the 5-year-business plan? So many times in life we get stuck in what we’re doing because we’ve been doing it for so long. We begin to hear the whisper of change but cling to the familiar. This applies to the foods we eat, to ways of thinking about life, and to the more »