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Kate Northrup (Business Heroine Magazine)

Having It All Vs. Having What Matters

My girlfriend sent me an article about the four burners theory. The idea is that you have four burners in life: family, friends, health, and work. The overall idea is that in order to be successful (whatever that means), you have to cut off one burner. And in order to be really successful, you have more »

Mikki Kingrey (Business Heroine Magazine)

The Secret To Your Success

You are the creator of your experience. If you want to be experiencing something different, then you are in the right place. This is the place where you can explore your path, you can be curious, you can belong, you can seek wisdom.    The key is that the wisdom you are seeking isn’t anyone more »

Alexis Pierce (Business Heroine Magazine)

What Your Inner Child Can Teach You About Success

When you’re a little kid, getting better at something is easy. You race home from school, drop your backpack, and can’t wait to dive into your passion – riding your bike, mastering that new video game, or kicking the ball out back. You intuitively know that if you want to improve at something, you have more »

Kristen Domingue (Business Heroine Magazine)

What to Do When You Should Be Grateful (But You’re Not)

Can I get real with you about money for a moment? While we all know that success isn’t about the money… We can’t ignore the fact that money matters. And it especially cannot be ignored when you run a business. I’ll let you in on a secret about me: most of the women in my more »

Liz Dialto (Business Heroine Magazine)

The Biggest Lie About Success

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Unknown “Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” – Donovan Bailey We’ve all heard quotes like this. The ones that have truth in them but also imply that you must kill more »

Lydia Lee (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Change Your Fears and Beliefs

You know, the idea behind my work of helping entrepreneurs break out of the cubicle is not just about the physical box. It is the mental box that we live within that prevents us from seeing possibilities and opportunities beyond what we know. Let’s talk about something bigger than being trapped in a cubicle. The brain is more »