5 Ways to Know When to Hire a Coach (And Make Sure It’s a Match)

Hillary Rubin (Business Heroine Magazine)

I’ve been stepping into my NEW VIBRATION that I’ve set for 2016 and it feels amazing. Fresh, easy and fun. There’s been so much growth happening for me and for my son, Odin. Every day feels like an adventure and I’m so ready to birth a new me in 2016. 

My word for 2016 is EASE.

With that I felt it would make sense to help you get clarity around when is a good time to hire a mentor or coach to accomplish your desired goals.

I have worked with some amazing coaches and mentors over the years, and also hired ones that were not a fit. The thing is it’s not their fault or mine. Everyone helped me to move forward and learn more about myself. I also was able to become the coach I am today because of it.

If you are a coach, curious about coaching, or would like to see why it makes sense to hire one, then I have a feeling you’ll dig this post. As you know I’m a no B.S. kind of soul who likes to be real and upfront. So let’s dive in!

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” – Charles Dederich 

When you read this quote, how does it make you feel?

Does it inspire you? Does it scare you?

Be honest…

For me, it’s a reminder that today is a new day and I must allow myself to be PRESENTand where I’m at. Then I know from there I can take PASSIONATE ACTION to change anything.

When it comes to designing a life that aligns with your VALUES it can be complicated or easy.

I’ll take the latter.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of women and some men who were seeking coaching. For many, they knew they wanted help but also faced fear of making a bad decision when hiring a coach or mentor.

5 Ways to Know if Now is the Time to Hire a Coach or Mentor

If you’ve been considering hiring someone to help you accomplish your goals, big or small, then this post will help. If you are a coach who wants to get clear on how you can help those who may be curious about coaching, and when it is a good time to hire one, this will help you too.

  1. You are in a transition, at a crossroad, and not sure how to get started or are not able to see yourself getting from where you are to where you want to be.
  2. You don’t know what you want (not trusting yourself) or have hit a wall and wondering if having someone who gets it will help you to move forward to accomplish your desired goals.
  3. You are ready for someone (who gets it and you) other than your friends and family (who don’t get it) to help you take action to take your next steps.
  4. You have exhausted every other possible way to “figure it out” and are done with having to think your way out of it. It’s making you crazy and you see it’s only bringing you deeper into the problem instead of moving forward towards the outcome you are seeking to create.
  5. You are a coach or interested to become a coach.

And, ultimately, you know in your heart you are ready to bust through limiting and outdated beliefs that are holding you back from what it is you truly desire to have happen in your life, relationships, business, career or any other area you are seeking to improve.

What to look for to make sure it’s a match.

My rule of thumb when hiring a coach or mentor is finding someone who has been where I am and has gone where I want to go. Who had gotten results that I’m seeking. I know I will have my own results and it will look different for me.

When you find someone who is a few steps ahead of you that has gotten out of the mud (so to speak) then that’s a first step to know this is a possible match.

Use this checklist to help you find the best fit for you…

  • Get radically honest with yourself. Are you doing the same thing again and again then wondering what is wrong with you? Or why it’s not working for you anymore? Are you stuck not knowing where to start?
  • Has there been or are there any signs or next steps you ignored? Do you see someone out there doing what you want to do or who has taken huge leaps in their life? Maybe they made changes you want to make and they have a system to do it.
  • Do you resonate with their message? Read their about page and find out their story. Take the time to check out their blog posts, videos or what they are up to. Get on their list and use any free resources.
  • See if they have free or paid products you can try or even go to an event so you can experience them. (I offer tons of free resources and also have paid custom designed programs to work with the individual to achieve their desired goals.)
  • Check out their track record. This is the best part, reading success stories. Look for the results they got. Where they started and where they are. What they say about this specific coach. Seek the proof. If there is a website under a specific success story that you are connected with, feel free to contact them and ask what their experience was.
  • Do they offer a free consultation? My new coach didn’t. I asked if she did then we just did a call to see if we were a right fit energetically. I was already in, I just wanted to know more about her programs to gain clarity on what was best for me.
  • NOTE: You want to respect yourself and the coach, so make sure you are open with them. If you do not feel safe then take that as a clue, this is not the person for you.
  • Know if you are open to invest or not right now. It’s not cool to go around and just get all the free coaching you can and then not invest, using money as the issue. You can always ask for a payment plan.
  • Instead of a long commitment with a coach, see what their offers are and if they have an introductory program, session or way for you to focus on one goal together. Look at their offerings and feel into the process and ask if they are open to create something to fit your needs.

My real world loving warning, AKA coach tip:

Even if you hire a coach or mentor and know they are for you, there are no guarantees you will get everything you wish to have happen from it. Take into account your personal growth and becoming the person who has those results. If you do not get 100%, there is no one to blame.

What I’ve seen for myself and for clients is what they wanted and needed may not be a match. The need comes first to set them up to have the outcome they deserve. And when they are totally focused and committed to take passionate action and do the inner work to get the outer results, it may take more time to have that happen.


Hillary Rubin (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


We’d love to hear from YOU…

How could a coach help you in your life? With these tips in mind, is now the right time to hire a coach or mentor? Leave your answer in the comments below!




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