That One Time I Got to Walk Around Town All Day in a Tutu

Okay, so my friend Maura and I are starting up a podcast {stay tuned!} and we thought it would be fun to activate our new venture with some photos.

Take a quick scroll below to see some of the magic that emerged {and then scroll back up, because I have more to tell you}…

Did you take a peek? SO fun, huh! These are just some the outtakes, and now I seriously cannot wait to see the official chosen shots.

The best part about this whole photoshoot experience was how EASY it was. And really, all the credit for that goes to our beyond talented photographer – and now friend – Candace Allen. This woman is truly a photo magician.

First of all, I hardly felt like I was in a photoshoot {which, not gonna lie, the very thought of can be a bit intimidating}. The experience was more like I was just tromping around town with my buddy Maura, and Candace just happened to have a camera with her. It was like 3 friends having a fun adventure.

I don’t know about you, but I usually get really self-conscious in front of cameras. Like: Where should I look? What do I do with my hands?

But this time, I forgot all about trying to look good for the camera. I just played, and I was surprised how natural it felt. And, somehow Candace managed to pull out the most creative, fun shots that really capture the essence of each of us and our new show {deets on that coming soon}.

If you’re curious, click here to see the rest of the outtakes. In the meantime I’ll be here sitting on my hands because, seriously, I’m dying over here for the final shots!!!!

Out takes photo album

Business Heroine Magazine


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