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Kadena Tate (Business Heroine Magazine)

Creating Clarity With Your Value Proposition

Creating a clear value proposition is essential to any business. A value proposition clearly states the benefit you bring to a potential client when they hire you. A great value proposition demonstrates why you are the obvious choice in your industry, and how you stand out from all of your competitors. It appeals to your more »

Robbin Simons (Business Heroine Magazine)

Let’s Talk Book Money, Honey!

Publisher’s Weekly recently put out some interesting statistics on how much revenue the average author makes in royalties per year. Would it surprise you to know that best-selling authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Jack Canfield, and EVEN Donald Trump make less than $2 in royalties for each book sold? This is largely due to the amount more »

Yvonne Bynoe (Business Heroine Magazine)

If You Want More Cash – Break Your ‘Money Rules’

Most women will discuss their sex lives before they’ll talk about money. Money is an emotionally charged topic for many women. We avoid it like the plague. Some of us feel like we don’t “have enough” money; others feel guilty believing that we have “too much” money. Although women entrepreneurs generally want to earn more more »