Pat Romain (Business Heroine Magazine)

Make Social Media Easy!

Nowadays every company has a presence on social media. If you have a business (or manage one) and you are not on there yet, you should be. Embracing the benefits of social media marketing (especially for small companies) to engage your customers and attract prospects is now the norm in the marketing world. Social media more »

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Ask A Heroine: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Make Your First Online Course

Ask A Heroine: Welcome to the experts corner, love. This is where you ask your burning questions on business and life, and receive personal advice from the best. Each month we feature amazing industry Heroines and their wise video answers to your deepest inquiries. Here, questions give way to solutions, insights transform into action, and more »

Kara McKay (Business Heroine Magazine)

Sacred Sassy Heroine: Tick Tock It’s Time to Rock!

Sacred Sassy Heroine: This is the everyday goddess within each woman. It is she who harnesses the unfeigned feminine energy that makes you divine. She embraces all-she-is and struts it like she means it. Today is the full moon. This cosmic event serves as a reminder to crack out of your proper exoskeleton and reconnect with the howling more »

Amethyst Wyldfyre (Business Heroine Magazine)

The Empowered Messenger: Righting Your Money Mindset

The Empowered Messenger – The heroine whose message burns inside her, begging to be released. Even though her pen may quiver and her voice may shake, she knows it is time to stand in her power – clear, confident, courageous. She says yes to the call, and she shares her message, because she was born to more »

Kristen Domingue (Business Heroine Magazine)

3 Big Myths About Changing Careers

Something many of my friends don’t know about me is precisely how many times I’ve reinvented myself. Many know that I used to be a health coach. But many don’t know that before I was a health coach, I worked… …as a consultant in a corporate consulting firm now owned by Korn Ferry called Global more »

Anne-Sophie Dumetz (Business Heroine Magazine)

She’s a Changemaker: Loving in Business, Loving Myself

She’s a Changemaker: Every heroine has a Changemaker within. She’s smitten with a dream that feels bigger than she is, and she dares to rise into it. She bravely steps beyond her fear, choosing instead her soul’s deepest desires. She has the audacity to disturb, defy, and go her own way. Heed the call of more »


Cover Interview: Brittney Castro – Start Loving Your Money Now!

Brittney Castro, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, entrepreneur, and speaker is the Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, a Los Angeles based financial planning firm for women. She specializes in working with busy professional and entrepreneurial women who are passionate about life and want to gain clarity around more »

(Ingrid Arna) Business Heroine Magazine

Why Your Need To Be LIKED Is Keeping You BROKE

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and trapped in financial drama? Chances are you’ve been bitten by the ‘LIKE ME’ bug. The need to be liked can fester for so long that it becomes a virus in your business, bank account, and life! When our desire to be liked is stronger than our desire for greatness, charging what we more »