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Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)

You Are a Beautiful Being (Even When You’re Jumping Business Hurdles)

I have big, fat, scary dreams for my business. This is not about building a business that makes me rich and famous. This is about building a business that employs, empowers and inspires women to live their lives on their terms … in style, business and life. I was frustrated with what I was witnessing more »

Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)

Gained Weight? It’s Not the End of Your Style!

OK, no woman wants to gain weight, but sometimes it’s just inevitable … Freshman year in college … Stressful job … Post-baby … Pre-menopausal … Menopausal … Age. Ugh!! I can relate. When you gain weight and you’ve been a certain size all your life,it’s really frustrating.You don’t feel like yourself. You want to completely more »