Your Success Style: Find Your Power Color!

Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)

When you look into your wardrobe, how much color is there?

When you get dressed quickly to head out the door, how much color are you wearing?

For many women, the answer is “not much.”

While I’m a fan of the LBD as much as the next woman and consider that a staple every woman needs in her closet, it’s because it’s a base. It’s not THE outfit.

Without accessories or color, it’s boring.

When it does become THE outfit on a regular basis, you’re communicating a few things:

  1. You don’t care about standing out
  2. You don’t have anything important to say

Because you’re reading this, I KNOW both of those things are not true for you. But, I also know that it can be easier said than done to play with color in your wardrobe. Not to mention, adding accessories!

Which is why one of the key things I work with my clients on is incorporating color into their wardrobe.

(And why you can see a lot of color in my own wardrobe!)

However, they need to be the right colors for them – depending on their personality, branding, message, coloring, etc. But COLOR is key.

It communicates so much with so little effort.

For instance, why do you think male political candidates wear blue suits with red ties?

Yes, the colors compliment each other and they go together. But, to look deeper, those colors have meaning. The blue communicates that he is intelligent, can be trusted and is confident yet warm. The red communicates power and strength, but not too much as to overwhelm.

And to make it current, why do you think Hilary has shifted from wearing red pantsuits to blue pantsuits?

Same thing: COLOR has meaning.

The red was too powerful and made her feel abrasive. People weren’t ready for her to stand out that much. Now, the blue is much more warm and inviting. We feel we can connect to her. Now, she could wear red again as she’s won over more of the crowd, but she still has a ways to go so she’ll likely play it safe.

Let’s connect this to you. Let’s find YOU your Power Color.

Style Power Action: Find your Power Color

:: Go back to your wardrobe. What colors stand out to you?

:: Consider your compliments. What color do you tend to get complimented on a lot?

:: Communicate your message. Which meanings do you want to communicate with your wardrobe?

For example, I love cobalt blue. In fact, my first car was cobalt blue! (Much to my father’s dismay, but I LOVED driving it partly because of the color … and partly because of its turbo engine!)

Cobalt blue has the beautiful effect of communicating BOTH of the meanings of red + blue: confidence, intelligence, loyalty and power.

I mean, you can’t be insecure in wearing that bright of blue, can you?

Your power color is YOUR color. I would bet it actually ties back to your WHY and what you do, too. This is why it’s truly personal to you. (For instance, my why is helping women stand in their power and stand out as leaders … in style and success.)


Business Heroine Magazine


We’d love to hear from YOU…

What is your power color and why? What message do you hope to communicate with your style? Leave your answer in the comments below! 





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