Follow Your Frustration

Jo Westwood (Business Heroine Magazine)

Frustration and lack of fulfillment are real. They’re not sexy and they’re not buzzwords, and any marketer worth their salt will tell you (and have told me) that’s not what people are lying awake at night thinking about. And maybe they’re right.

But this I know: It IS how people are feeling on the daily. “Something just isn’t quite right”. “I just don’t know”. “Something’s missing”. “Oh well, never mind” (often followed by a flippant laugh and a glass of wine.)

And it is what people are saying several times a day, every day. “I’m so frustrated!” Grinding their teeth in their sleep. Hitting the steering wheel when they’re stuck in traffic again. Going to yet another meeting in a job they can’t remember why they took.

That’s because frustration and lack of fulfillment are REAL. They are legit feelings. They legit enough to follow.

Through Esther Hicks, Abraham speaks of your emotional guidance system – that is to say your FEELINGS – being the thing(s) that guide you in life, your built in GPS.

Follow your feelings and you will find your truth.

Positive feelings show you what you want more of, negative feelings show you the opposite of what you want, so now you know the direction you need to move in: the opposite one.

(Side note: I’m not going to get into the whole “there is no such thing as a ‘negative’ feeling” debate here, you know what I mean, let’s leave the semantics at the door for this one.)

But frustration and lack of fulfillment aren’t big, showy, loud and proud feelings. They’re lurkers, chipping-away-steadily-in-the-background-over-years-and-decades kind of emotions. And so people who can help you with that kind of stuff (like me) don’t speak to you with those words because they don’t push a big enough pain button to make you invest in their programmes and get the help you need.

Instead we spend hours and days and shit tons of energy trying to find a more “tangible” way to describe what is totally freakin’ tangible, but just completely un-sexy.

The truth is, low level streams of draining-but-bearable feelings like frustration, discontent, lack of fulfillment, disillusionment, boredom, confusion are some of the most dangerous little fuckers out there, because left unaddressed they will drain you dry of all your juice, all your creativity, all your zest for life, your joie de vivre, and you wake up one day 5, 10, 20 years down the line and wonder where your life went. Where your personality went. When the last time you laughed was. When the last time you actually felt lit up and inspired, from the inside was.

So I’m putting my stake in the ground and claiming the un-sexy feelings, because that’s what I help my people with, because that’s what I feel passionately about. And honestly, I think low-grade, life sucking emotional states are a sly insidious epidemic that too many of us fall into the trap of not fixing. (I know, I’ve been there.)

Follow your feelings. Frustration is legit. Lack of fulfillment is legit. Confusion is legit. Discontent is legit. Feel them, follow them and allow them to show you the way you really want to go. You do not have to wait until they turn into depression or anxiety to act. You do not have to suffer in average – bad enough to want to leave, but good enough to stay – if it does not feel good to you.

You know your truth. Be brave and follow it.

Sending so much love,

To your miraculous life

Jo xo


Jo Westwood (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


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