The Empowered Messenger: How To Handle A Dissatisfied Client

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The Empowered Messenger – The heroine whose message burns inside her, begging to be released. Even though her pen may quiver and her voice may shake, she knows it is time to stand in her power – clear, confident, courageous. She says yes to the call, and she shares her message, because she was born to inspire.

Question: A client recently told me she wanted to stop working with me. She told me (and others in my industry) that I’m not worth the price and that working with me was a waste of money. I’m heartbroken! I really believe in what I’m doing and so many other clients have gotten great results from our work together. I know I shouldn’t let one dissatisfied client throw me off, but I can’t seem to bounce back. How do I handle a situation like this?

Answer: The first thing I want to say to you about this situation is that especially if this person is saying this about other people in your industry as well, is that this is about them. It’s not about you. It’s not about the value you have to offer and it’s not about your services.

This is very much about them. They are projecting onto you because of their inability to generate and create results, and this is not uncommon. There are people who go from place to place, person to person, and coach to coach, and their big story is that “it’s not working for me.”

So it’s really important for you to just get some perspective on that, that there are certain people for whom it will never work. That’s not something you need to take personally. What you need to do is just simply be aware, and perhaps just be a little bit more detailed in your initial consultation, in the screening process to discern if it is a fit to work with this person.

One of the main questions that you might want to add to your screening process is “have you ever worked with another mentor or coach” and then follow that question up, if their answer is yes, is “how did that work out for you?” You’ll find out pretty quickly if whether the person you’re talking to is somebody who has achieved good results, has achieved great results, believes in coaching and mentorship, and takes personal responsibility for their own success, or is somebody who’s going from place to place, coach to coach, mentor to mentor, and never really achieving the success they say they want.

That’s probably a good sign that you don’t want to make them an offer at all. It’s better not to have a client that is dissatisfied than to take on a client because you feel that you need the money, or because you feel that you’re the one that’s going to save them and fix them and be the one mentor that’s the star mentor that gets them the results that they want. So make sure that you don’t have your ego involved in this at all, and just be really clear with yourself what kind of client you actually want to attract.

The final thing that I’ll say to you is that you may need to do a little bit of tweaking in your own messaging. If you’ve attracted someone who became dissatisfied, you may need to become a little bit clearer in who you want to work with, how you want to work with them, and how you’re communicating and articulating that to the marketplace.

I hope this helps! One final piece of advice is you really have to be able to shake things off in business, because business is one gigantic experimental laboratory. Sometimes things are going to work, and sometimes they aren’t going to work.

The most important thing you need to do is stay connected to and committed to your particular calling and not have attachment to any way or form it may present itself as as you learn and grow in the market and as a business owner. Sometimes things that have worked for years suddenly stop working, and then it’s time to put your experimental laboratory hat and laboratory coat back on and try something new.

Make sure that you stay committed and connected to your own personal calling and your own source of inspiration.



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