Intuitive Income – Harnessing Your Feminine Power to Create Magic, Momentum, and Money

Abundant business is real and it is here.

This is profound, and something I am waking up to in a whole new way. You see, my mind has intellectually believed this to be so for a long while, yet now I’m experiencing a knowing that is buzzing in my cells and assimilating into my DNA.

It is as if, for years, I wandered through the foggy night alone with my lantern, searching. Where is the big creaky door where magic abounds just on the other side? Where is my BIGness in business, my no-need-to-worry-anymore promise land? Where is the awe-some convergence of entrepreneurial friends who are up to big things, making it happen, and having fun doing it?

Well I tell you, my friend, a group of about thirty of us discovered it in each other at the debut Intuitive Income gathering at the beautiful La Valencia Hotel in San Diego the other week. Sound juicy? It SO was…

Business Heroine Magazine Intuitive Income Renee Airya

To fill you in, Intuitive Income is an event series hosted by Renee Airya for “the delicious female entrepreneur,” who wants to be fed magical inspiration, intuitive reconnection and soul-based principles so she can harness her feminine energy and produce more momentum and money in her life.

I was honored to be Renee’s co-facilitator for the debut gathering, alongside special guests Ariel White and Kristina Johnson. Together we discovered our PowerYear words and our inner PowerHeroines. AND, we got into our bodies, which, as I’m learning more and more, is the true source of our business sorcery. And yes, you can tweet that!

“Every chance you get, get into your body…
She is the true source of your business sorcery.”
~ Anne Perry #BusinessHeroine

Business Heroine Magazine Intuitive Income Renee Airya

At Business Heroine, our core values are Authenticity, Empowerment, and Inclusiveness. And, even though I’m the one who declared those values into being for our brand, I am myself awakening to them on a much deeper level than ever before. It has everything to do with abundant business…

These days there is a lot of talk about how important it is in business to be authentic. After all, when your prospective clients get to know, like, and trust you, they are more likely to become your loyal customers. Here’s the thing, though… Authenticity is not a business strategy. REAL authenticity is – ahem – authentic. It’s about showing up as the full you. Allowing your quirks and flaws to be as much of your brand as the areas you’ve mastered. Connecting to other beings as friends, rather than prospects.

The new paradigm of business that I am increasingly witnessing and deepening into emerges when we see each other as sisters. We are loyal to our sisters. We tell the truth. We love without condition. We intend the best and highest outcome for one other. We share our wisdom abundantly and, at the same time, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, embracing inquiry and mystery together.

Let this sink from your head to your heart. You are not alone. You don’t have to do business alone. You don’t have to find your way alone, wandering through the darkness with your lantern as I did in business for so many years. You have friends. Sisters. And we are here with open arms.

“If you don’t know, now you know.”
~ Notorious B.I.G. #RapTruth

Here’s what I absolutely love about the Intuitive Income culture. In founder Renee Airya’s words:

“This gathering is the NEW networking. It is based on being FULL and sharing business with friends verses struggling in uncomfortable superficial talk and having people shove business cards in your hands to ‘get sales.’ We connect from the heart while having fun, and we leave the event more shiny than when we arrived.”

Business Heroine Magazine Intuitive Income Renee Airya

I think every woman who was with us there would agree. And guess what! There are more gatherings coming.

In fact, Renee is hosting upcoming Intuitive Income gatherings in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, and will soon take the event series across the nation. So, if you want to learn how to get in touch with your intuition to create business magic, c’mon in! Join the Intuitive Income community here, now.

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Where have you witnessed abundant business lately?

Pssst! Speaking of abundant business, check out the Intuitive Income event sponsors:

La Valencia Hotel More than a place to rest your head, La Valencia Hotel is creating ways to truly feed your soul with art, literature, and design. They are debuting a weekly program in which they offer their beautiful Patio as a place for women to gather and take advantage of meeting an artist, an author, a vinter, a designer, and more folks of intrigue that will capture the imagination and inspiration of their guests and travelers. If you are in the San Diego, plan to make La Valencia your ongoing gathering spot!

Business Heroine Magazine Intuitive Income Valencia Hotel

eLiveLife.comSelf-care is essential to experience total wellness and vibrancy in business, so is there to pamper you San Diego business babes! With a network of over 130 different health and wellness providers throughout San Diego County, you can renew your entrepreneurial spirits with massage, skin care, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic care, coaching, and more.

Business Heroine Magazine Intuitive Income



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