Look Amazing With 5 Key Style Staples

Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)

Today, I wanted to share my top five staples and how you can use these staples to actually make a statement with your style.

Something that I try to really communicate with my trainings and writing is that even if every woman should have a white blouse in her closet, it should be the right white blouse for HER. Your white blouse is not going to look like your mother’s white blouse or your  best friend’s white blouse. It has to be YOUR style.

But, it’s such a key staple that allows for polished ‘throw it on and go’ style so you feel good and look great without much effort.

In fact, it’s all about making it easy and effortless.

When you have the right pieces for YOU, getting dressed each morning feels FUN as opposed to a chore. If you can go into your closet and pull out a specific piece and know what to add to create a complete outfit in under 5 minutes, it’s liberating.

And it makes for much less of a mess in your bedroom.

Without the discarded clothes that don’t fit quite right taking up the space on your bed, you leave the house feeling clear headed and confident as opposed to flustered and frustrated (and late!).

With these five pieces, you will always have a stunning outfit to wear and a base for any new item that you add to your wardrobe.

In fact, if you look in your closet and feel you have nothing to wear, you likely have a closet full of FUN pieces and no FOUNDATIONAL pieces. These staples are part of your foundation.

5 Key Style Staples That Every Woman Needs

#1: Everyday Statement Necklace

I like something that is small enough to wear every day, but unique enough to also stand out and invites compliments. For an everyday necklace, I actually prefer something fine because it won’t wear off. BONUS points if this is a gift (especially as you wear it close to your heart).

#2: White Blouse

Whether it’s a cotton button-down, a silk pullover, or anything in between, a white blouse is one of the most versatile pieces. Pair it with jeans to be casual, slacks to be classic and professional, or a skirt to make it feminine, fun and easy.

A good white blouse can easily be dressed up or worn more casually.

#3: Dark Tailored Trousers

Tailored is the operative word here. In working with clients, our main focus is fit. We want you to have only pieces you LOVE in your closet. So, I’ve been known to have clients try on EVERY pair of pants to keep only the ones that fit perfectly.

Quick tip: If it gives you ‘dumpy butt’ then it’s not right for you. This is when there is too much fabric near your behind. It may feel good because it’s not too tight, but they actually are too big and/or just not quite right.

If you have at least ONE pair of dark tailored trousers, you’ll have something for your new blazer, new blouse, and favorite pumps and ALWAYS have an appropriate business casual (or formal) outfit.

#4: Perfect Blazer

This can be tricky to find the perfect fit as well, but once you do – YES! It’s a power piece that you can put on and really embody your power. Plus, it’s an instant up level to your outfit and wardrobe that pairs back to jeans OR a skirt OR a dress OR a great pair of pants.

#5: Black Pumps

Once you find that amazingly comfortable and perfectly feminine black pumps that you can actually wear all day, it’s like finding style GOLD. Yes, it can be tricky, which is why we’re so passionate about finding these resources FOR our clients.

They’re not the only pair of heels you should have, but they’re THE key staple. You’ll always have a pair of shoes for any new dress or outfit.

Don’t feel obligated to HIGH heels. Kitten heels have made a great comeback and it’s any amount of height that makes a big difference. And you can always look for a thicker heel for more stability AND height – what we’d call a win-win-win. Stylish, feminine, and comfortable.

You may be able to see how all of these pieces together create a complete outfit. You actually get 2 different outfits just from these 5 pieces! Imagine all the options when you add in the rest of your wardrobe! (Mix + Match + Maximize is our motto!)


Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)


Business Heroine Magazine


We’d love to hear from YOU…

What are YOUR key style staples? Why are they your favorites? Leave your answer in the comments below! 



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