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Alexis Pierce (Business Heroine Magazine)

You Get To Decide How You Feel

Each morning when I wake up, I marvel at the sunrise then almost immediately feel overwhelmed by everything I want to do: – go for a run – meditate – practice yoga – write to you – finish projects – clean the house – start on the next project The list goes on and on more »


5 Steps to Activate and Access The Power of Clearing Space

It took me many years to let go of my wedding dress. I kept putting it off. I found many reasons to procrastinate on finding pictures of my dress to show the consignment store. My dress was all packed and dry-cleaned in a box, so you couldn’t see the actually dress. And in order to more »

Sonaya Williams (Business Heroine Magazine)

Behind the Scenes of How I’ve Become More Productive Than Ever

Before I started  my business I came from the world of 1+ hour commute to the office, work for 9 hours, then 1+ hour commute back home…. to wrap up a few more emails and some project work before bed.  When I started my business, that’s all I knew. We didn’t use virtual assistants on more »