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McKella Sawyer (Business Heroine Magazine)

What’s Really Important To You?

Far too many of us spend too much time and money on things that don’t matter, that we don’t enjoy, that aren’t important to us, and that bring us very little happiness. We’re so busy that we forget to slow down and really assess what makes us happy and what we want in life. We more »

Julie Lamonica (Business Heroine Magazine)

The End of Indecision

Swiss chard or spinach? Almonds or walnuts? Dark chocolate with mint or with cherries?? These teeny tiny decisions pepper my weekly grocery shopping experience, and by the time I’ve made them all, I’m very, very tired. My little brain hurts! And it wants candy, then a nap. So imagine what happens to my brain when more »

McKella Sawyer (Business Heroine Magazine)

When You Have Too Many Ideas

“What if I have too many ideas?” First of all, if this is you, congratulations! You get inspired easily and you’re probably excited to start creating. You’re wide open to new things and the amazing potential for creativity around you. But sometimes having too many ideas is just as problematic and paralyzing as having no more »

Business Heroine Magazine

Ask a Heroine: Finding Your Calling, Rocking Your Bitch Shoes, and More!

Ask A Heroine: Welcome to the experts corner, love. This is where you ask your burning questions on business and life, and receive personal advice from the best. Each month we feature amazing industry Heroines and their wise video answers to your deepest inquiries. Here, questions give way to solutions, insights transform into action, and more »

Kate Northrup (Business Heroine Magazine)

Sick of Saying Yes When You Mean No?

Since being pregnant my internal “no’s” and “yes’s” have gotten significantly louder. Waffling barely exists anymore. I’m not trying to talk myself into things I don’t really want to do. The boundaries are loud, proud, and clear. I thought I was getting pretty good at saying no before getting pregnant. But the clarity I have more »