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Stella Orange (Business Heroine Magazine)

Make Your Message Better Every Time With This Simple Question

It’s like walking a tightrope. Lean too far to either side, and you’ll lose your balance and topple. This is what’s happening with a lot of businesses running online marketing programs out there. You’ve got folks leaning so far to the commerce side of things, that their messages become rote. They talk about exciting stuff, but more »

Stella Orange (Business Heroine Magazine)

6 Simple Questions For A Clear and Compelling Marketing Message

A lot of Internet-Famous Super Coaches talk about how you need a message in your marketing. And they’re right. But from there, it always seems like they never quite tell you what the actual ingredients are in a money-making marketing message. This can be frustrating, not to mention weirdly mysterious! The truth is, there’s no more »

Stella Orange (Business Heroine Magazine)

7 Ways To Write Inspired (And Consistent!) Content

Sharing great content with people who haven’t bought from you yet is a classic — and classy — marketing move. But for some reason, writing a newsletter or publishing our blog consistently is a real challenge for many self-employed professionals, healers, teachers and coaches. So how can you improve your consistency, when in comes to more »

Nadia Chaudhry (Business Heroine Magazine)

The Nature of Your Product and How it Leads to More Sales

I’m sure you have a bunch of things you’ve been meaning to do. Workout regularly (just started doing this!). Start writing more. Cook your own meals. Join an art class. But you probably haven’t gotten around to doing it have you…have you? There are people in your audience that are in the same boat about more »

Stella Orange (Business Heroine Magazine)

The New Rules of Copywriting: Focus less on conversion, more on resonance

Click-throughs. Open rates. Search engine optimization. Conversion statistics. If the mere mention of these highly prized numbers causes rebellion to stir up within you, you’re in luck. This article is not going to be about how to improve those things. Well, at least not directly. Because in my seven years of writing and teaching business more »

Stella Orange (Business Heroine Magazine)

The 3 Biggest Website Mistakes – and the Fix

The way I see it, your website is the face of your business online. Sometimes, we think we have to be something more impressive or dramatic.  So we write all these impressive and dramatic-sounding things…all these marketing-shaped words…only to sit back, read it, and think “ARGH! That’s not what I want to sound like at more »

Your book provides instant credibility - Robbin Simons

Why You Should Write a Book

As a professional speaker, coach, or entrepreneur, writing a book has become almost as necessary as having a business card or a website.  This is because, as a published author, your book provides instant credibility and influence as an expert in your field. But writing a traditional book can take months or even years to more »

Liz Dialto (Business Heroine Magazine)

How NOT to Use a Sales Page

I was working with one of my private writing clients yesterday, who runs a consulting and training business in Europe to help people build successful careers in luxury yachting. She’s got so many great ideas, but that’s also the trouble. She’s got about a dozen ways for people to buy from her. And she’s working more »

Robbin Simons (Business Heroine Magazine)

2 Things You Can Do When Writing Your Book to Create a Magical Connection with Your Readers

It’s not always easy for authors to create a true connection with readers. It can take skill, experience, and oftentimes, a lot of trial and error before getting it right. This can be particularly challenging for Entrepreneur Authors, whose focus is primarily on their clients and business, not themselves and their own past struggles or internal demons. But, more »