Beyond Vision Boards: 4 Manifesting Tools To Get You To Your Goals

Denise Duffield-Thomas (Business Heroine Magazine)

Someone was asking me the other day about how often I update my dream board. I realized that I hadn’t actually done a proper one for… forever. But, I do use a lot of other manifesting tools to help me get excited about and manifest my goals.

Today, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you; all of my alternatives to using dream boards so you can manifest faster.

Confession: I don’t have a dream board

When I first started making dream boards, I was like, “Oh, I have to buy magazines and I have to get cardboard.” Then I’d realize that my scissors weren’t sharp enough or I couldn’t find any glue. It just felt like such a hassle…plus it was too messy for me.

If you’re a creative person and you love cutting out pictures and making your dream boards, keep on going with that because it’s a great process.

But if you’re lazy like me and you hate having lots of clutter around, then you can use…


The easiest quickest way is to use Pinterest as your dream board. You can have public Pinterest boards or private ones.

I have one for my dream house, one for my current goals, one for my dream wardrobe, one for inspiration. You can easily add pictures to them. You can actively go out and find pictures and inspiration online with ease.

I like to have the Pinterest App on my phone. I’ll just scroll through when I want to get excited about my goals. I’ll look at my dream house and imagine living in it.

That’s a great way that you can visualize your goals but you don’t have to sit down and cut things out. It’s easy and free!

Like I said, I love physical dream boards but I’m super lazy. I’ll put my hand up to that. Which is why I love this next tip…

Update Your Passwords

This is another tip that I teach in my manifesting course and it’s so easy–change your password to be your goal. It’s so simple and a lot of people have seen great results from this simple technique.

A funny story about this: When I met up with my mastermind buddies at the beginning of this year, I was talking about my new income goal for the year. It was double my income goal from last year.

One of them was like, “Denise, what’s your strategy for hitting your new income goal this year?” I said, “First thing I’m going to do is change my password.” They laughed.

But it really is one of the most powerful manifesting tools you can do because you type in your password multiple times a day, and it’s another reminder of your goal.

When I was trying to win the competition a couple years ago to become a honeymoon tester – which I talk about in my book Lucky Bitch – my password was HoneymoonTester.

The whole point about manifesting is you want to get your brain looking for those patterns and synchronicities.

You have to layer in all of these different tools so that you can constantly build your belief that it is possible for you. If you’re doing something multiple times a day that you have to do anyway, you may as well make it attractive to your goal.

That’s a big one. Passwords. Do it. Change it today.

It will change your life, I swear.

On that same vein, create as many daily reminders as possible.

Reminders & Hidden Anchors

The third tip that I really like to do is using my phone.

I like to set up reminders in my calendar, multiple times a day. Have you ever noticed that on your phone your calendar pops up on the screen? I’ve set mine to pop up with reminders of my goals.

So it might pop up and go, “Congratulations on your new oceanfront house.” I’ll read it and think, “Thanks, Universe.” I get so excited.

Some of yours might be:

Well done on hitting six figures in your business!

Congratulations on your new clients!

This is what I call a hidden anchor.

The more hidden anchors you can layer into your life – the better.

One day I’ll take you on a tour around my office. I’ve got multiple visual anchors, not only in my office, but in my daily life that help me build new beliefs.

Those anchors can be very, very powerful and it means that you don’t have to think about it!

Lazy, and smart!

Bonus tip!

What’s better than a dream board? Real life. It’s about getting into action.

If you have a goal for an amazing new house, go to an open house. Go and stand it in. If there’s no open house and your dream house is not for sale, just go stand out in the front of it. I used to drive to my dream street to my dream house and pretend that I was going home and say to myself “I’m home now!”

I’d stop in front of the house, soak it in, and imagine it was my house. I even went up and touched the fence once like, “This is my house”. Then I ran away just in case the owners saw me.

Get into action.

Go test drive that dream car that you want to buy. Go and walk into that boutique you think that you’d shop at when you have more money.

Do all those things to get yourself into the manifesting zone.

Just to recap some actions:

  • Create a Pinterest board and start pinning some inspiring images
  • Change or update your password to reflect an important goal
  • Create a daily calendar reminder in your phone
  • Take action and do something in “real life” to get you one step closer to your goal

Happy manifesting!


Denise Duffield-Thomas (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


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