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Nadia Chaudhry (Business Heroine Magazine)

The Nature of Your Product and How it Leads to More Sales

I’m sure you have a bunch of things you’ve been meaning to do. Workout regularly (just started doing this!). Start writing more. Cook your own meals. Join an art class. But you probably haven’t gotten around to doing it have you…have you? There are people in your audience that are in the same boat about more »

Denise Duffield-Thomas (Business Heroine Magazine)

How To Do an Honest Assessment of Your Business

I was motivated to share my process because whenever I’ve hit an income plateau or when things are not doing well, I start to make up stories about it. Maybe you do too. Things like, “Well, my success so far has been a fluke and I’ll never be successful again.” Or, “This is the most more »

Mikki Kingrey (Business Heroine Magazine)

Upgrade Your Money Story

“I can’t afford it” “That’s a lot more than I expected” “Can I do that in payments?” “I need to check with my partner/spouse…” These are all so common for people as they have an opportunity to take an action toward what they want to be experiencing in their life or business.   Here is more »

Business Heroine Magazine

Ask a Heroine: Managing Your Groups, Energetic Upgrades, and Getting Grounded for Interviews

Ask A Heroine: Welcome to the experts corner, love. This is where you ask your burning questions on business and life, and receive personal advice from the best. Each month we feature amazing industry Heroines and their wise video answers to your deepest inquiries. Here, questions give way to solutions, insights transform into action, and more »

McKella Sawyer (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Honor Your Creative Cycles

Creative cycles are a concept I’m only beginning to explore. It basically comes down to this: There are times when we naturally feel more creative and times when we don’t, and these periods of downtime are when we need to rest and draw in inspiration. These cycles can happen over the period of a few hours, more »

Kate Northrup (Business Heroine Magazine)

13 Books to Grow Your Business, Make More Money, and Enhance Your Life

I read a lot. I always have. If a book doesn’t pull me in within the first 50 pages or so, I generally stop reading it. Life is too short to finish things just to say you finished them. The books I’m sharing with you today, though, are the kind of books that made my more »

Billie Gardner (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Reach Your Biz Goals With An Accountability Partner

Are you struggling to finish that online program you purchased?  Do you want to lose weight, but need some support?  Are you lacking the motivation to stay on top of your business goals? If so, it sounds like you would benefit from an accountability partner. Take a stroll down memory lane and picture one particular more »

McKella Sawyer (Business Heroine Magazine)

When You Have Too Many Ideas

“What if I have too many ideas?” First of all, if this is you, congratulations! You get inspired easily and you’re probably excited to start creating. You’re wide open to new things and the amazing potential for creativity around you. But sometimes having too many ideas is just as problematic and paralyzing as having no more »

Sarah Renee (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Use Your Intuition to Get Ahead in Business

We all know the general rule to always follow our gut feelings, right? Usually, those gut feelings become undeniable when they’re warning us to stay away from someone or something that may cause us danger, or when they’re pushing us in the right direction towards some life-changing opportunity. But what does that look like on more »