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NIchole Labonde (Business Heroine Magazine)

Through My Divorce

After I got divorced, I was looking for a way to reclaim my body, my femininity, my sexuality.   My ex-husband accused me of being frigid. Uninterested in sex. Selfish. Career-centered. He wasn’t altogether wrong. I had found work I loved and threw myself into it, full force. But he certainly wasn’t right.   But more »

Svetlana Saitsky (Business Heroine Magazine)

This Is It.

  I warn them, I always do. I tell them right away that I’m a bit of a witch. That I’m hypersensitive, emotional, vulnerable, open, transparent and authentic to the bone. At least as much as humanly possible. And I feel like I enchant them often. And they enchant me back. Because I let them. more »

Denise Duffield-Thomas (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Fire a Nightmare Client (With Class and Dignity)

Confession time: Have you ever taken on a client that you knew was going to be a pain in the ass, and then they actually were? Now, we’ve all been there, sometimes a bit desperate for cash, maybe you’re a little bit unsure about who you should be working with and you’ve taken on a client more »

Kate Northrup (Business Heroine Magazine)

Are You Addicted to the Busy-ness?

It’s recently come to my attention that I have a habit of, or perhaps even an addiction to, proving my worth through constant activity. This habit has been on my radar for some time, but only vaguely. Within the last six months, however, my awareness has gone from vague to crystal-clear. BUT BEFORE I DIVULGE more »

Elena Pezzini (Business Heroine Magazine)

Getting Real about Perfectionism

Have you got something on your mind that you’ve always dreamed of getting through but never quite got there? Have you been slowed in creating your work because you feel like it’s not perfect? Perfection is often the best friend of the procrastinator, so much so that perfection is often one of those excuses that more »