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Maggie McCann Pike (Business Heroine Magazine)

Spotlight Interview: Maggie McCann Pike on Writing, Laughter, and Finding the Gold in Every Situation

Maggie McCann Pike is a product of earlier times when women followed narrow paths. After living the life she dreamed of, that of stay-at-home mother of five, she examined her next chapter with intrigue. First things first: get solid financially. Then let her rip. So after cementing her financial situation on a teacher’s salary, she more »

people want to buy from people they trust - Stella Orange

6 Reasons Your Online Marketing Isn’t Working

“Stella, I’m great at what I do and my clients are getting AMAZING results. But my online marketing doesn’t bring me business.” I hear this all the time. And within 20 seconds of looking at someone’s website, I can usually pinpoint what’s keeping someone from selling online. Here are the most common culprits: #1 Using more »

You have a song - Stella Orange

The Case for Mindfulness in Marketing

Let me preface this. What you are about to read is what my clients and I call a Sh*tty First Draft, with hat tip to author Anne Lamott, who coined the term in her lovely, real book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. In my how-to-write-marketing-that-doesn’t-suck classes for online business owners, we more »

Kristen Noel (Business Heroine Magazine)

Cover Interview: Kristen Noel on Waking Up to Authentic Possibility

Kristen Noel is a writer, speaker, motivator, lemonade-maker and believer in all things possible. She is Editor-In-Chief of BEST SELF Magazine and blogs regularly for herself and others, including the Huffington Post. She has a personal mission to empower people to take charge of their own destinies, to write their next chapters and to tap more »

Nadia Chaudhry (Business Heroine Magazine)

How the “Feels” is Going to Make People Care About Your Business

“I love Grey’s Anatomy because it makes me cry.” When I said this to my friend, she laughed. And then, I laughed. It’s ridiculous, but couldn’t be more true for the day and age we live in. Today, we live in a society that craves to be entertained. We want to feel deeper emotions than more »

Stella Orange (Business Heroine Magazine)

Do You Ask Great Questions in Your Business?

When I was in grad school studying to become a classroom teacher, I was trained in how to ask questions. Questions that evoke response. Questions that engage. Questions that spark curiosity in a student’s mind. Even though I am no longer a classroom teacher — and just paid off my debt for grad school in more »

Stella Orange (Business Heroine Magazine)

Most Marketing is Written by People Faking Their Emotions

I’m not a big Star Trek fan, but remember Spock? (I keep writing Dr. Spock, only to realize that’s someone else). Spock was the Vulcan who didn’t really have feelings. In fact, he didn’t really get them. You know who else doesn’t have feelings? Robots. You know who else doesn’t have feelings? Most of the more »

Nadia Chaudhry (Business Heroine Magazine)

Tantalizingly Tasty Headline Hack in 3 Minutes or Less

I love avocados. They are a guilty-but-not-so guilty pleasure. Put it on toast and BAM you have yourself the yummiest snack ever AND it’s pretty darn good for you too. You can put it in smoothies, use it as the “cheese” in tortillas, and even bake eggs in ‘em. I LOVE them. I even have more »