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Cover Story: Flora Bowley Creates Powerful Transformations Through Painting

Flora Bowley is a painter, creative pioneer, gentle guide, and author of two books, Brave Intuitive Painting and Creative Revolution. Blending over twenty years of professional painting experience with her background as a yoga instructor, healer, and lifelong truth seeker, Flora passionately believes creative expression is waiting to unfold within every person who is brave enough more »

McKella Sawyer (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Conquer Perfectionism

What’s the #1 creative block I hear about the most? Perfectionism. This is the dragon that kills more dreams than anything else. It sounds like this: “It doesn’t look how I imagined it would.” “I don’t feel like it was my best work.” “I’m afraid of messing it up.” “I’m still planning.” Too many of more »

Shara Raqs and Danielle Cornelius

Cover Story: Shara Raqs and Danielle Cornelius – Creative Fulfillment Through Seasons And Cycles

Shara Raqs is a dancer, designer and self-taught data scientist who discovered the Creative Feminine Process after observing patterns in nature. She’s also the CEO of WOMB®, a female-focused, quantified-self startup that helps women enter into peak states of creative flow. Dr. Danielle Cornelius is a women’s health chiropractic physician. Her practice is located in more »

Echo Brown (Business Heroine Magazine)

Cover Interview: Echo Brown Explores Controversy Through The Humor And Pain Of The Stage

Hailed as a “transformational storyteller,” Echo Brown is a writer, performer, & actress from Cleveland, Ohio. Echo’s meteoric rise in the San Francisco art scene with her hit one-woman show, Black Virgins Are Not for Hipsters, has been widely praised. A graduate of Dartmouth College with a B.A. in political science, Echo began her career as more »

McKella Sawyer (Business Heroine Magazine)

Break Through Any Creative Block

Some creative blocks are just simple, logistical things and can be eliminated really easily, and some are much deeper and more complex and can take a lot longer to solve completely. Every block can be worked through. Each can be traced back to its roots and dissolved. Every fear can be uprooted and replaced with more »

McKella Sawyer (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

A few years ago, my best friend had a roommate who was an incredible artist. This artist always seemed to be working on something amazing and her Instagram, Facebook, and blog were always full of beautiful images of her work, her adventures, and her gorgeous self. She was beautiful, talented, stylish, and she had quite more »

Nadia Chaudhry (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Take Charge of Your Crippling Cruxes and Become a Master of Your Craft

It catches you every time. I was sitting there at my desk ready to kill this next project by the end of the day. My mind was prepped and my heart was ready, but there was this cloud of anxiety billowing around my head. Fear. It swept into the crevices of my mind and seeped. more »

McKella Sawyer (Business Heroine Magazine)

How to Honor Your Creative Cycles

Creative cycles are a concept I’m only beginning to explore. It basically comes down to this: There are times when we naturally feel more creative and times when we don’t, and these periods of downtime are when we need to rest and draw in inspiration. These cycles can happen over the period of a few hours, more »