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Taryn Brumfitt (Business Heroine Magazine)

Cover Interview: Taryn Brumfitt Leads the Body Image Movement

Taryn Brumfitt is the founder and infectious voice behind the Body Image Movement – a global movement to shift the way women think about themselves, and in turn, feel about their bodies.  Writer, speaker and free spirit, Taryn is an internationally recognised positive body image activist rubbing shoulders with the likes of Beyoncé and Kate Moss in Brigette magazine’s acclaimed more »

Elena Pezzini (Business Heroine Magazine)

5 Ways to Go Green and Reduce Stress

If you’ve ever suffered from high levels of stress, you’ve probably tried many different things to manage or reduce your stress.  If you’re someone who is conscious about your environment and what is going near you and your family, then you should know about the natural and eco-friendly products and techniques that can contribute to more »

Erika Watson (Business Heroine Magazine)

Are You Connected to Your Intuition?

Choosing to follow your sacred truth and allowing for God, the Universe, Source Power, Spirit, whatever you may call your higher power, to truly guide you on your path can create a lot of anxiety in people. For one, it’s a relationship that you may say you have, yet it’s like the family member you more »

Nicole LaBonde (Business Heroine Magazine)

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones… But Cheating and Diet Aren’t for Me!

I teach fitness. I sell nutrition supplements. So, I’m surrounded by people giving their opinion on nutrition all day. All day. Where I work. On Facebook and other social media. In my email inbox. It’s starting to get really annoying. And you know why? Because every one is in it for themselves. Oh, not to more »