Cover Interview: Airy-Fairy or Real Science? Hibiscus Moon on the Healing Power of Crystals (for life and business!)


Hibiscus Moon absolutely adores teaching & working with crystals! She’s learned to channel her inner-geek then merge it with her serious obsession with crystals & stones. She LOVES to share with her crystal-healer students & clients, bringing her unique perspective to the world of crystal healing & having the time of her life doing so. Hibiscus is a former Science Department Chair and teacher and, in her words, has gone coo-coo for the power of crystals. Her passion is to deliver the science behind the metaphysical aspects of working with crystals while still serving up the FUN! Enjoy her exclusive Business Heroine interview…


BH: How did you get into crystal healing?

Hibiscus: I’ve been interested in crystals and stones from as far back as I can remember. Leafing through a Smithsonian Museum book of my father’s at about the age of three, the amazing photographs of crystals and gems just stopped me in my tracks, riveting me to those pages! I would leaf through them over and over again, just staring until the pages were worn. They were much better than any children’s book you could have ever plopped in front of me. Yes, I was kind of a strange child. Of course, I had no idea at the time what these beautiful objects were, but I later learned that they were created miraculously through Mother Earth’s handiwork. I was intrigued that something as gorgeous and perfect as a crystal could emerge from the dirt and rough rocks.

I came back to crystals and stones later on with some undergraduate and graduate studies in geology. In becoming a science teacher, I even got to teach about them. Blissed out geek heaven for me!! Through teaching, I succeeded in getting my students just as excited about rocks and crystals as I was! Well…not all of them. A few of them still looked at me like I was a nerd, complete with glasses, pocket protector and lab coat holding my rocks…that’s because I was one.

Ahem, still am.

I’ve always been very spiritual and have enjoyed exploring various fields of spirituality. In doing so, I noticed that crystals kept coming up again and again. Given my natural attraction to these gorgeous minerals born of nature’s kitchen, I was captivated, so the lure of using them in spiritual practice was just too much. Of course I wanted to do that! However, I noticed that when crystals and stones were mentioned in metaphysical books or circles, the reasons given for why and how they worked seldom satisfied my curiosity and quest for knowledge.

I began blogging and vlogging about crystals just to connect with others who had the same interests as I did. Once I started down that path, whole new worlds started opening up to me; book recommendations, healing methods and new uses for working with crystals and stones. I had found a sort of blissful crystal treasure chest to rummage through! In starting my practice, I noticed that some things resonated with me immediately and others just didn’t ring true. I experimented with various ways of working with the crystals and began realizing that the authors, books and methods that aligned with me most were the ones that seemed to be supported by physics and had scientific empirical explanations for why and how things worked. Not surprising.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I prefer to take a scientific approach to working with crystals, researching and experimenting with how crystals work while also incorporating the metaphysical aspects. If “Physics” and “Metaphysics” had a gorgeous, brilliant, crystalline baby, that would describe my viewpoint beautifully!

One method of working with crystals that immediately interested me was that of crystal grids. Although the idea was mentioned a bit here and there, I could not find enough information to satiate my appetite for this knowledge and I just knew there was a strong correlation to science patiently waiting to be unearthed here, like a gorgeously sparkling giant quartz point. I did much experimenting on my own and found a few random videos on YouTube as well as some sporadic references in books, but this was not nearly enough. I took what information I was able to piece together and set off exploring various aspects and then experimenting on my own.


Hibiscus Moon, Crystal Academy, Business Heroine Magazine


BH: Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship. How did you know this could become a business?

Hibiscus: Well, I didn’t know that…at all.

My followers on YouTube really guided me on my path. I simply listened to their requests, and if it excited me on a soul level, gave me the “oooh, sparkly”-feeling then I tried it out. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had stumbled upon a tried & true marketing strategy…totally bumped into it backwards! That is; to ask your followers what they want and they will tell you. PURE GOLD! If they’re telling you what they want, you already know you have a proven seller before selling anything. Genius, right?

My Crystal Hotties (yeah, that’s what my tribe calls themselves!) asked me to start selling crystals, so I had a super successful Etsy crystal shop, then they asked me for crystal classes, then a book, then a certification course…and it’s all done brilliantly well! No wonder!


Hibiscus Moon, Crystal Academy, Business Heroine Magazine


BH: How do you handle others who think working with crystals is so airy-fairy?

Hibiscus: I simply throw mega-doses of science at them! In fact, I love me a good debate on the scientific accuracy or claims of crystal healing and therapy. I often find myself in the unique position of defending the un-provable, the unseen, the immeasurable….and I find that EXHILARATING!!

And people LOVE to get some science in with their metaphysics so it works out really well. I know this is why my Certified Crystal Healer Course is so popular; because I provide the science behind crystal therapy in spades.


Hibiscus Moon, Crystal Academy, Business Heroine Magazine


BH: How do you apply crystals to your everyday life?

Hibiscus: I use crystals everywhere in lots of very practical ways. I wake up with them by my bedside (rose quartz and a halite salt lamp on either side of my bed) and use them as inspiration for a morning mediation before I even get out of bed. Then many of my grooming products have crystals infused in one way or another. We even have amethyst crystals in a water purification cartridge in our shower so we’re being rained upon by amethyst water. Then I may make my morning tea or morning green juice with gem elixir water and have a water filtration system in our kitchen that restructures our water with the energy of crystals vortex-ing around the water molecules…and that’s before I even get dressed.

It goes on all day, but it’s all so easy because I’ve found very practical and simple ways to infuse crystal energy into almost everything that I do.


Hibiscus Moon, Crystal Academy, Business Heroine Magazine


BH: As entrepreneurs, how can we use crystals to support our dream businesses?

Hibiscus: I find one of the simplest ways to do this is to create an inspiration grouping of crystals good for bringing about a prosperous business, such as citrine, green aventurine and pyrite. You can arrange them in an attractive bowl and keep them close by in your working space to bring about the correct vibrational frequencies and awaken inspiration and motivation you while you work.

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  1. Lesia
    March 2, 2015 at 1:00 pm #

    Great front cover and article from Hibiscus Moon!

  2. Simply Sumaiyah
    March 11, 2015 at 10:41 am #

    Proud to call Hibiscus Moon my teacher! Way to go lady!!! Congrats and great article!

  3. bernard charles
    March 11, 2015 at 12:19 pm #

    I love to keep inspiring citrine crystals for a successful business. Sometimes I am bogged down by stuff and other people’s stuff so I am happy Hibiscus confirms crystal practice for maintaining a great business!

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