Spotlight Interview: Andrrea Hess on Upleveling Your Business

Andrrea Hess is a financial psychic, business mentor, spiritual teacher, and the creator of Soul Realignment, an intuitive healing modality focused on reading and clearing the Akashic Records.  She has trained over a thousand Practitioners in more than forty countries worldwide in her work.

For the last six years, Andrrea has been helping coaches, healers, psychics and transformational experts create a financially abundant business that is an expression of who they truly are, at Soul-level.  She took her own business into seven figures in 2014. 

Enjoy her exclusive Business Heroine interview…


BH: You started out as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. How did your career evolve to what it is now?


Andrrea: Well, I wound up in a class, learning to do Akashic Records readings somewhat haphazardly – I had no idea that I had any psychic abilities whatsoever! But I instantly resonated with the work. It felt like I was remembering something I just knew how to do, rather than learning a new skill.

While I absolutely did NOT want to be a psychic, I was hooked. I built a website and started giving readings. A lot of my clients initially came from referrals because I was pretty clueless about marketing, but I worked at it and built my list.

Eventually enough clients asked me to teach them how to give readings to others. I started training them in my own version of Akashic Records readings, which eventually evolved into Soul Realignment®, the modality I still teach today.

Of course, once I started training Practitioners, they wanted my help in finding clients and growing their businesses as well! More and more of my readings ended up being about business and money, and so I shifted my personal practice to working with entrepreneurs, especially those in the healing and transformational arena.




BH: What do you think is the biggest issue that brand new entrepreneurs are facing today?


Andrrea: It’s a noisy, noisy world out there … what we’re really competing for most is our prospects’ attention. It’s not easy to keep people engaged when most of us have two or three screens in front of us much of the time!

I think far too many new entrepreneurs want to start online, and that’s a mistake. Internet marketing is not for everyone, and lots of big businesses were built long before the Internet came along!

I recommend that new entrepreneurs start with old-fashioned networking and perhaps some speaking so that they can actually get to interact with their prospects. We can learn so much from an hour-long in-person conversation with a qualified prospect! But lots of new entrepreneurs love the idea of the “laptop lifestyle” while having no idea just how hard it is to make money online.

Interacting offline helps us understand our prospects, learn to communicate our value, and gets us over our fears of marketing and selling. It’s also a much faster path to enrolling our first few clients. Eventually, we can take what we learn offline into the online world.


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BH: What, in your opinion, really determines how much money we make?


Andrrea: The really short answer? Putting our Gifts into the world in a way that both expresses who we are as Divine Beings and offers great value to others!

It takes a lot of self-knowledge and self-mastery to do business in a way that truly expresses who we are … because we are not like anyone else! Each one of us is unique, at Soul-level, like a snowflake. That means our business isn’t going to look like any other business.

It’s not about taking the road less traveled – we’re going to have to forge our very own road and choose a path that nobody has taken before us, and that’s very scary. That’s why so few people do it!

Unfortunately, most people just want the “proven” system, which is why there’s so many of them out in the marketplace! But we have to remember that while every blueprint and five-step process works for someone, it probably will only work for us if we heavily adapt it to express who we are. More likely, we’ll have to come up with our own way of doing things.

It takes courage, but the end result is that we get to do life and business our own way!



BH: What kind of action is required to really get a business off the ground?


Andrrea: What’s really required is engagement! We need to get out there and find prospective clients and make them offers! Too many entrepreneurs love working on infrastructure, because it’s safe. We can spend months on getting our website just perfect, or designing a program.

The biggest issue entrepreneurs frequently have is lead generation. It’s a great idea to focus, right from the start, on systematically and reliably finding new qualified prospects for our work.




BH: What advice would you give someone who is looking to dramatically up-level her business?


Andrrea: I would say … get ready for a wild ride! A lot of entrepreneurs want to baby-step their way to a new income level. But if we want a “dramatic” up-leveling, such as doubling or tripling our business within six months to a year … well, then we should expect some drama!

A big up-level requires that we operate within our business in a whole new way. That can be scary, especially when it means letting go of what’s working well, in the hopes that a new way will work even better!

Upheaval is part of the process. We may have to let go of team members and clients that are not vibrationally aligned to where we’re going. We may have to do all kinds of up-leveling in different areas of our lives as well. There’s no smooth and gentle way to a big financial up-level!

So buckle up … the ride can be great fun if we don’t attach to what no longer serves us.


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