In Search of the Silver Lining

Melissa Contreras (Business Heroine Magazine)

Many of my friends have been dealt some pretty tough blows lately – be it health, situations or the grief of losing loved ones.

I am a sensitive person (aka taunted as “crybaby” and often hid behind my parent’s legs). When I see people going through tough situations, I feel it. I feel it deeply. It’s enough for me to just lose my shit and curl up in a ball and mourn for them.

But I choose not to. Because how does that benefit anybody?!

I choose to stand strong and sturdy, sending them love, peace and strength. If nothing else, I hope they can sense that somewhere there is life, somewhere there is light, somewhere there is love coming at them, ready to be received.
You may choose see the glass as half empty or half full.
Do you get it? The glass is however you CHOOSE to see it.
I’m on a search for rainbows and silver linings.
To me, THAT is survival. Life is indeed a precious gift, as with every Yin there is a Yang, it always comes with the gift of death.
Life is short, life is fast, and more often than not, it’s over way too soon.
My hope for you friend, is that on this crazy roller coaster ride, when you are in the free fall and see nothing but darkness, I can remind you that around the corner, after every downward spiral, it eventually turn’s up again.
If you can just bear down, grit your teeth and power through the bad stuff, know that good things are coming. And if you can choose to find a lesson in everything that happens, the dark doesn’t get so dark.
Find something that you can hold on to, a lesson to grow from. There lies the silver lining. Because every cloud has a silver lining, damn it, even if you have to create it yourself.
Let every loss be a lesson and every battle be an opportunity for growth.



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