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Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)

Transitioning Your Professional Style to Your 30’s

One of the most common challenges I hear in my work is transitioning your style as you move from your 20’s to your 30’s and, inevitably, move up in your career. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone! And help is on the way! Many of the clients it work with at  are in some more »

Ask a Heroine, Business Heroine Magazine

Ask a Heroine: Connecting to Your Message, Adding Some Glam, and the Myth of the Stepping Stone Business

Ask A Heroine: Welcome to the experts corner, love. This is where you ask your burning questions on business and life, and receive personal advice from the best. Each month we feature amazing industry Heroines and their wise video answers to your deepest inquiries. Here, questions give way to solutions, insights transform into action, and more »

Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

To the Grown Women

Remember 7th grade? Slumber parties with your besties, taking magazine quizzes, whispering secrets. Choreographed dance routines, dressing up in your older sister’s prom dress, planning out all the details of your dream life down to the glamorous beach house and smokin’ hot wardrobe? I’ll admit it. My Barbies used to rock it out on stage more »

Kristina Italic-Business Heroine Magazine

Cover Interview: Kristina Italic on Becoming the Queen of Your World

Kristina Italic is an International + Transformational Performing Artist, Author, Occupational Therapist, and the Creator of The “You Can Do It Diva ‘Queen Be’ Experience” where she guides women to unapologetically express their deepest desires, create from their souls, and celebrate their ALLness to become QUEEN of their worlds. Her “You Can Do It DIVA” more »

Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)

Your Streamlined Style – Go from Frumpy to Fab in Less than 5 Minutes (Yes, really!)

What does your morning routine look like? A frenzy of getting the kids ready for school and yourself ready for work? What you throw on doesn’t matter. You just need to get out the door. Or, maybe you work from home so you don’t even bother changing out of your PJ’s. Or you put on more »

Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)

If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You

My yoga instructor shared this in a tough class that was certainly testing my limits, but these words really hit home for another reason. I was getting ready for a few months of travel, speaking and working with clients in cities across the country (and world!). It was a kind of crazy idea that honestly more »