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Grace Kelly (Business Heroine Magazine)

Spotlight Interview: Grace Kelly On Building Your Biz With Confidence

Grace Kelly is a success coach who helps women increase their confidence & earning power to create stylish lives & businesses they love. Formally a French teacher in London, Grace left her salary behind, moved to Italy, and started an international coaching business. After successfully growing her business to 6-figures in 6 months, she went on to generate more »

Catherine Cassidy (Business Heroine Magazine)

Mixing Up Your Power Outfit

What is your go-to power outfit? Have you ever noticed how it’s the same thing? In case you haven’t noticed, look through pictures of yourself at previous events+engagements via Facebook, your iPhone, Instagram and perhaps you will see a trend. For instance, some of my power outfits totally depend on the event and my mood, but there more »


Endless Summer: Transition Your Style from Summer to Fall

I’m my personal styling business, I’m all about maximizing your wardrobe. One of the best things about being in Southern California is that you don’t need to necessarily transition OUT of your summer clothes. You just layer over them for warmth when you need it. The only things you really store are your sweaters and boots more »