Need Proof that Cooperation is the New Competition? Here You Have It…



“I feel like there are already people doing what I do… why would someone choose to work with me?”

I hear this concern often, and I know it intimately.

This one had me holding back and playing shy little ol’ me for longer than I care to admit. I didn’t want to tread on someone else’s territory, and I also didn’t want to feel like the sloppy seconds choice, so I just kinda held back altogether.

Many many emerging entrepreneurs do this, and that’s what I call… a bummer. Because the truth is, there IS room for all of us.

I’m not here to give you ‘think positive’ advice to shame you for scarcity consciousness and thinking low-vibe thoughts like envy. And I’m not exactly offering “logical” advice either (although just do some basic math and you’ll discover there are indeed more than enough people in the world who need what you gotz).

I’m just repeating what you already know deep deep down. There IS enough to go around. All that you need and much more exists right now, and it’s awaiting you with open arms.

When you know this – when you allow this simple truth to permeate your cells – you are free.

Want an example? So, I have recently had the profound honor of being featured in Best Self Magazine, created by the fabulous Kristen Noel.

Check out my feature article on Soul-Fueled Entrepreneurship here >

And subscribe to Best Self Magazine here >

When my team and I first discovered Best Self Magazine, our response could have gone a couple ways:

Old School CompetitionOh no! Another magazine with a similar tribe. This Kristen Noel looks like a pretty sharp cookie… Crap. What if Business Heroine Magazine readers start reading Best Self Magazine instead? We need to make sure we do everything they are doing – only better. We need to keep our readers loyal to us so they don’t leave us for this other magazine. Our survival depends on it!

The (would be) Result?

Constriction. Waaaaaaay to much energy expended in resistance. Fighting the flow of abundance. Fear. Greed. Gross.


New Wave CooperationWow! Another magazine with a similar tribe! This Kristen Noel looks amazing. She’s like us – empowering folks to live into their Best Self and claim their Best Life. Our readers would love her. A new soul-sister in business, yay! Let’s reach out to her and see what kind of magic we can create together.

The (actual) Result?

From a business perspective, more exposure for both of us. I got to be featured in Best Self Magazine alongside Hay House CEO & President, Reid Tracy. (Sure, I’ll take a woot! Thanks!) And we are excited to feature Kristen in Business Heroine Magazine soon (keep an eye out, we want you to know all about her!)

From a sprinkling-fairy-dust-into-the-world perspective, we each get to introduce another amazing resource to our communities. Consciousness tends to match the environment by which you’re surrounded, so how marvelous that a collaboration like this can saturate all of our environments with more inspiring people, nuggets of wisdom, sparks of going-for-it motivation.

Here’s what Kristen Noel herself had to say about our collab:

Kristen Noel - Collaboration Share


So how do you move from restrictive constrictive competition into open free expansive collaboration? It’s simple.

Just celebrate YOU and celebrate THEM too.


Celebrate you and celebrate them too - Anne Perry

Business Heroine Magazine


I’d love to hear from YOU…

Where in your life could you celebrate someone else while also celebrating yourself? What’s one way you could turn competition into cooperation in your life or business? Leave your answer in the comments below! 




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