Cover Interview: L.E.A.P. to Rise – Erika Watson on Being Loved, Seen and Heard

Erika Watson, Loved Seen Heard, Business Heroine Magazine

Erika Watson is your sidekick to personal freedom, being loved, seen, and heard for who you truly are. She is the creator of the L.E.A.P Formula, Sacred Strut Coaching, and an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Trainer. Through her authentic sharing, gifts, and unconditional love, Erika empowers women and men to release any limitations and confidently connect to their awareness, purpose, self-love, and self-expression to embody their personal divinity and leadership.

She knows that every person is capable of creating their ultimate life of freedom, love, fulfillment, and success in every area of life possible: Work & Wealth; Health & Well-being; Relationships & Love regardless of their past. Believing we are ultimately connected, she plays on both the individual and community levels as she serves in the awakening of the planet. Enjoy her exclusive Business Heroine interview…



BH: Your business is called Loved Seen Heard. What is the essence of that? Tell us your story!

Erika: When I first launched Loved Seen Heard, it was more of a feeling and a message that I felt deep into my core. For a long time I carried the cross of contradiction. In one sense I knew I was a presence, I knew I had a grand purpose on the planet, and in the same instant, I questioned my value immensely. I found myself time and time again in incredible support roles, empowering those around me to feel honored, to feel sacred, to feel loved, seen, and heard, and yet I lacked the confidence to truly lead on my own.

It was after a six-month period of noticing my soul yearning for a new path that, finally, a voice louder then my doubts told me it was my time. That’s when I made the leap and left my safety net in Selfcentered, an incredible marketing company started by, at the time, my best friend and mentor Max Simon, to go on my own journey of personal leadership.

By accessing my vast tool belt and years of self-growth, it was through the power of self-love that I learned to embody my mission for myself and guide and empower others greater then before. Over the past two years, I found there was a deeper meaning to Loved Seen Heard and my purpose.



Currently, I empower others to fall in love with themselves and their life by connecting to their intuition, awareness and heart wisdom, allowing their own god-sense to emerge by honoring their truth, embodying their fullest expression, and co-creating magically with the universe. For some that means creating an authentic business, for others the focus is on health and well-being, for others relationship, or all three.

Truly there are infinite possibilities available to each of us as we remove the limitations, and each person on this planet deserves to be loved, seen, and heard as they live out their truth.

BH: Your business focused has recently changed. As entrepreneurs we’re often taught to focus and zone in, and yet we are creative evolving beings with expanding ideas. Was it difficult to switch niches after you had invested so much time in the first? What was that journey like?

Erika: You know, in some ways, and at some times, it has felt difficult. I would move into judgment around myself, my relationship with time and how fast I was growing, or my list size. Especially when I would be rejected from certain speaking opportunities because of a quantifiable rather than qualifiable criteria.

In the last two years, I not only switched niches, but joined another company, Soul Therapy International, and left one year later when I realized it wasn’t allowing me my fullest expression still. In that process, I had to rebuild my community email list twice. So when I would look at statistics or numbers, or was judged by others in the entrepreneurial space, I would feel a little hardship, but for the most part not at all.

Just like I felt when I knew it was time to leave Selfcentered, being aligned with my calling feels way easier then doing something because it may feel smarter short-term or is considered safe. The soul knows, and a piece of me always feels like it’s dying when I’m not in alignment or allowed to express what’s on my heart. It’s my queue to check in and stay true to self.



The truth is, I have been enormously supported by the most incredible partners who saw me and wanted to support me no matter what I was teaching, and I have spoken on numerous telesummits and trainings each year. What I noticed as well was, although it may seem like I switched niches, in essence I have always been guiding the same message – to honor your truth, to value yourself in each moment, and to never feel alone.

I just needed to undergo some of my own personal transformations before I could fully stand in this space as leader in personal development & consciousness as well as in business.

BH: What advice do you have for those women who are feeling pulled to change their current business trajectory?

Erika: To go for it. To create the space to allow the journey to unveil itself, be open, be loving, follow your heart, and seek support from mentors, colleagues, and friends who truly want you to be loved, seen, and heard for who you are and what you are desiring to experience now and offer to the world.

It’s ok if you don’t know how everything will come into place, if it doesn’t make sense, give that over to your God. Remember, the mind is rational, the heart is irrational, miracles and magic happen outside of the norm. That is… until we make miracles the norm ;)

BH: You created the acronym L.E.A.P. as way to support your clients. Can you share about how you came up with it and what it means?

Erika: Absolutely.  When I left Soul Therapy International last year, I wanted to really be intentional about where Loved Seen Heard was heading and what platform I was creating that would allow me to be of most service. I vowed to not force or push the timing or the message, or sell out to what felt safe. I was really committed to walking my talk and deeply listening, embodying more of my feminine flow, and connecting to my divine intelligence.



I committed to a walking meditation every day for an hour and during that time had the most incredible communications with myself and with the universe. It became one of my favorite times of channeling my god, and when I would return from my walks would often journal about the messages coming through.

During one particular journal entry, I looked down and realized I had written the process that had allowed me stay connected, aligned, and expressed in my truth. Listen, Express, Act, Progress (LEAP). To me it was the perfect anchor to stay in faith as I am present to my path that is infinite in possibilities, and to stay in love over fear or judgment in order to create and receive real abundance, peace, happiness, love, health and fulfillment.

I also loved how LEAP felt. When you are first setting out on this journey of trusting your knowing, it can feel like a leap of faith or courage, until you have fully embodied your own personal power and magic, then it just feels like soaring. It’s simple, it works, and my clients love it.

When I launched LEAP to Rise last August, I chose the word “rise” because it held the vibration of what I was creating. Nowhere on are journey are we failing, everything holds wisdom, and I wanted my clients to be able to know that they are progressing in a forward motion rather then experiencing breakdowns accompanied by fear. I don’t dive into one particular religion in my teachings, but just as Jesus symbolically rose, we are all rising together.


BH: Who do you absolutely LOVE working with?

Erika: I love those who are ready for freedom and love, to experience and touch their own god self. Women (and men) who are finally ready to draw the line in the sand and put themselves and their happiness first. Often, I find most kindred connection to those who were a lot like me – incredible empaths, supporters, and people-pleasers who are learning to trust themselves, love themselves, find their voice, stop numbing out, and lead incredible passionate meaningful and present lives on their terms.

Often, they are healers or creatives who have found that others’ templates and ways have not worked for them and so they are looking for the guidance to carve their own path as is in reflection of their truth, or are having difficulties with healthy boundaries.



I also have tremendous personal experience in accessing the wisdom of both addiction and eating disorders and gladly support others in releasing these as they recognize their purpose and step into their own healing journey of being loved, seen, and heard by others.

One of my favorite topics is around sexuality and intimacy. Truly, wherever there are limitations, fears, pain, and other sabotaging belief systems, I’d love to be your side-kick in releasing these blocks, accessing greater levels of awareness and self-love, and fully embodying your power to break the norms, end the mental madness, and create the reality you truly love.

BH: How can the heroines reading this get more of you?

Erika: I hope they do!



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2 Responses to “Cover Interview: L.E.A.P. to Rise – Erika Watson on Being Loved, Seen and Heard”

  1. Erika Watson
    April 2, 2014 at 6:23 am #

    It’s so beautiful to be a part of the heroine’s journey. Already I have received a beautiful message from someone who downloaded my free gift Reclaim Your Vision, Reclaim Your Voice, Reclaim Your Value… 3 Exercises to Create the Life You

    “Thank you for your ebook.I have just started reading it and it is really opening my eyes to some of the things that I am going through right now.”

    Anne, You really have created an amazing community of women who say they will and do…. and of course, it’s much easier when we all do it together… xoxo Thank you again for all of your support over the years…. My heart and door continue to be open to you and all the ladies here…

  2. derek reid
    May 9, 2014 at 5:00 am #

    Erika is one of thee most insightful and intuitive people I have met. She flat out walks her talk

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