Mompreneur: Hillary Rubin on The Business/Baby Balance

Hillary Rubin, Business Heroine Magazine

{photo by Caroline White}

Mompreneur: The bountifully feminine, glowing maternal leader. She wears two distinguishing capes, birthing far more than product launches and six-figure ideas. She is the mother of business and babies – both made from passion, nurtured with love, and raised to be the best expression of what they can be in the world. To she who births the next generation of heroines (& heroes), this is for you.

Hillary Rubin is a Spiritual Life and Business Coach, a Coach for Coaches. She helps smart, creative, and ambitious women deliberately design a life and business that’s soul-fulfilling. Hillary is dedicated to helping my clients find their way back to trusting themselves so they can use all of their gifts, along with their life experience, to stand out in a crowded marketplace. I believe without having a strong inner game, what happens on the outside really doesn’t matter. Her clients describe her as a “cross between a spiritual guide, an ass-kicker, and a marketing genius that brings out the best in them.”

Hillary has been featured in some cool places like Yoga Journal, the LA Times, The and on the podcasts The Unmistakeable Creative and Lady Business Radio. Enjoy her exclusive Business Heroine Mompreneur interview…



Tanya: How do you balance business and baby?

Hillary: I’ve been finding it’s not about balance as much as being deliberate with how I make time for myself, my baby, my family and my second baby – my business. What I find most helpful was to cut out what’s not important, delegate as much as possible, and let go of what doesn’t really matter. Then focus the time you have for each area of your life and be present with whatever you are doing.

Allow it to be a lifestyle redesign.

Know the time is there, it’s how you use the time that makes all the difference. It boils down to knowing your priorities and what you have to do as a mother, wife, business owner and friend to yourself. Set up your schedule around breastfeeding or however you are feeding your babes, how nap time will be, and play time is all in the mix. See what is most important to have and let the rest go.

For me, this is new to have an hour or two to get something done and to shift from mother head to business head is possible, it takes practice. Basically, say goodbye to perfection and it’s easier!

It’s not about being super mom, it’s about asking for help. If your partner is open to helping, then see if you can have the morning from let’s say 6-9 or 8:30 to take care of yourself or whatever you need to take care of (maybe it’s some business).

Set hours for work and close the door to get done what you need to get done and have it laid out so you know what you are going to do. If you have family or friends to help, that’s great. My family is not in this country so we had to hire help and this too takes time to transition and find your rhythm. Go with the flow and be open to redesigning your life. You will make time for what is important, so first know what that is so you can take steps to create your life around this.

It’s important to be honest with where you are at, create consistency for your babes and your business. Be deliberate on what you’re doing and do what you do best – then delegate, delegate, delegate. It’s a process, and to me, you must be kind to yourself and cut out the BS so you are not wasting your time on things that are not necessary.


Hillary Rubin, Business Heroine Magazine

{photo by Caroline White}


Tanya: How did you set up your business to continue to thrive with the baby coming?

Hillary: First, my team and I planned about two months in advance what needed to be taken care of.  We used Google Docs to set this up and broke down what was needed to be done. We had baby sitter bloggers and I wrote 2 posts during my leave. I did this because I love to write and also to keep in touch with my community.

So, I took 3 months maternity leave and set up 3 launches. I was pretty ambitious and in having the baby, a lot shifted for me. Keep this in mind, it may happen for you, too! During maternity leave I popped in some meetings and realized I needed more time for my body to heal and lean into this transition into motherhood.

After the baby came I felt a big shift and wanted to be with my baby and in my new life more than my business. To allow for this, I set myself up to have income coming in while I was away – I had clients who were on a hiatus, but making payments for coaching so there were funds coming in from that, and I also had payments from my coach training program The Art of Becoming a Coach.

I coached my clients two months of their 3 month program before going on leave, then gave them a 12 week coaching and meditation e-course to do during my leave. There were a few times I checked in. I had my team send my clients Q’s to answer before we start up again. I was ambitious and had 3 launches set up, emails and all. In the end, we pulled back on one completely and moved the other two to 2015.

This was great for everyone to have more time, to be more deliberate and allow for getting back into the flow.

Overall, I’m scaling back from what takes more time from my baby and scaling up my group program to have a multi-6 figure launch this year. There is an outline, not a plan for the year, we are working with and have a clear focus to grow our community first, then offer new programs that are VIP offerings with less time but more value to get my clients results faster.


Hillary Rubin, Business Heroine Magazine

{photo by Caroline White}


Tanya: Did you have any creative breakthroughs during your pregnancy? If yes, do tell!

Hillary: I let go of having to be perfect and trusted my intuition more. This was already a huge part of who I am and how I live, but the pregnancy and now new baby made this an even bigger focus for me.

I had so much creative energy and worked throughout my entire pregnancy. I listened to my body and used my creative energy in my business, it felt great! I created my Meditate, Create & Liberate Coaching and Meditation e-course which was launch on my birthday in 2014 and we had a great response.

There was a point that I asked my team about the graphics for my Meditate, Create & Liberate program and everyone was like I’m not sure about the title – but I knew it was spot on. Trusting my creative process increased and I only see this growing as I grow as a mother.

Tanya: What’s the greatest gift (expected or unexpected) that motherhood has provided you?

Hillary: We are only in control of what we have control of. Sounds funny. We can make a plan, visualize, chant, do whatever – and still we are not in control. Now, I let go of planning and see it more as an outline. I’m focused on what is most important to have and let the other stuff go because it’s not really important.

As a mother I feel I’m finally living my true purpose as a spirit in a body. The entire process from inception to pregnancy to birth is the best thing I’ve ever experienced – tough parts and all. I finally feel I’m contributing to the world in a greater way, with my son. And the work has just begun. My art, aka my work as a coach, is only becoming richer and more will be revealed.

Being 42 having my first child has gifted me with knowing myself more, trusting myself more and letting go of having to prove myself to anyone. I also see my business as art, it’s not me as much as a place to express myself – still, being a mother trumps anything I’ve done up until now in my life. There’s so much more and more I know is coming.

Tanya: Now that you are on the other side, what wisdom would you offer your pre-mother self?

Hillary: The funny thing is, I could not hear anything when I was pregnant. I’m not sure we are built to hear anything since we are in a bliss state and in the total unknown. I know for my next one, yes I said that, I will have a plan and also use my resources better and give myself time to go through my process, whatever that shows up to be.

I guess I’d say, “Enjoy being pregnant, 9 months in the belly is easier than 9 days or weeks out. It’s the ultimate being a beginner and know you’ll be great. Trust yourself and let go of having to control everything or having to be something you’re not. Allow your true gifts as a mother to come out because you have them. You’re doing a great job!”


Hillary Rubin, Business Heroine Magazine

{photo by Caroline White}



Tanya: What are your top three favorite resources for new mamapreneurs (or pregnant heroines)?

Hillary: Choosing a parenting style was a great help for me as a mamaprenur and what I found that worked for me was RIE. It’s based on respect and observation. Some ideas are out there and as a mom you get to pick what works for you. For us as a family, this seemed the best. Here is one of their posts on how attachment parenting differs from REI! And there’s a great book here!

One other thing that helped us was to use a sound machine app and not have to buy one more thing like a sound machine for my son to sleep better.

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