How To Shift Your Energy When You Are Having a “Moment”

Hillary Rubin (Business Heroine Magazine)

Ever had an OMG-WTF-Really-this-is-happening-to-me moment and you realize you’re not happy with your life?

You ask yourself what did I do to deserve this?

Then ask, why is it taking so long to “make it” and have the life I created on my vision board or journalled about.

If you’ve ever felt like this way or maybe you are going through it right now this post is for you.

You may be questioning every step you’ve taken and every choice you made.

This is normal. Know you are not alone and are in a place of transformation. You are releasing what is coming up and may not know what to do.

It may seem like the world is ending and in some ways, maybe a part of it is. This may upset you or it can inspired you. Either way, this is actually good news even though you want it to stop.

When a meltdown like this happens it’s a scary, painful, and dark moment. It’s also a sign that you are releasing what you created for something new to come in.

Everything is ENERGY.

I remember when I taught yoga, students would be afraid to kick up in handstands. They were filled with fear. This fear took them over. What I saw again and again is fear is the same energy as excitement.

It’s the thoughts that really change how we feel about it.

Don’t take my word for it.

Close your eyes and think of something that excites you.

Feel it.

Then think of something that scares you. Feel it.

It’s the same, right?

Now look at the situation you are in right now that feels like a meltdown. Feel it.

Now look at the situation you are in right now and see it as an opportunity. Feel it.

Does it feel different when you change the way you look at it?

How to shift from meltdown mode to opportunity mode…

Give yourself permission to release this having to be hard. Allow it to be easy and fun.

Bring in amusement and enjoy what is coming up.

When you enjoy what is coming up you are no longer in resistance to it. Then it does not take you down and feel like a meltdown. Let’s shift your energy from meltdown to opportunity.

As you can see releasing energy can be easy and fun.


meltdown - Hillary Rubin

Business Heroine Magazine


We’d love to hear from YOU…

What shifted for you when you release the need for it to be hard, when you bring in amusement? Do you have any fun tips for turning meltdown into an opportunity? Leave your answer in the comments below!



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