Sacred Sassy Heroine: Throw the F’n Ball Already!

Kara McKay (Business Heroine Magazine)

Sacred Sassy Heroine: This is the everyday goddess within each woman. It is she who harnesses the unfeigned feminine energy that makes you divine. She embraces all-she-is and struts it like she means it. Today is the full moon. This cosmic event serves as a reminder to crack out of your proper exoskeleton and reconnect with the howling sister within. She is sacred. She is sassy. She is YOU. And she is a Heroine.

“What ball?”

I know, right?! That’s the problem. Most of us are either so busy looking out over the horizon into tomorrow, or we’re just navel gazing.

We tell the universe we’re ready to play ball, ready to receive more clients, higher pay, the love of a lifetime, our dream house. Now what?

“Helllllloooooooo. Ahem, Universe, I said I’m ready. I meditated, made my vision board, I’m even praying, geesh. Are you deaf?”

You’ve mind mapped your shit to the nth degree, branded your buns off, your niche market is sick of you and still nada.

Ever have one of those super needy boyfriends/girlfriends who call too often, want to know every time you poop? Ya know that one person you dread showing up on your doorstep because they’ll never leave?

If you make the mistake of saying hi at the grocery store they spend the next hour telling you all their problems, following you through check out and out to your car. There is a palpable sucking feeling as you enter their field. When you exit their presence you need a nap. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about you might be that friend.)

Think of your relationship with the universe like a friend. If you’re the whiney “throw me the ball girl” waiting around for the magic to hit, for the law of attraction to sweep you off your selfish lazy ass…you’re like the needy Nelly friend I just profiled. And if you pull out your ear buds and listen closely you’ll hear a voice hoarse from repetition shouting, “Just throw the F’n ball already!”

Look in your heart, look all around you. In your heart you’ll find the most basic human longing (no not chocolate or sex this time), the longing to serve humanity. I said serve, not sell to. What are you giving, as in just turning on your love and trust faucet kind of giving? Who are you helping?

Maybe it’s just taking grandma shopping, or maybe it’s taking on a major volunteer role in an organization that desperately could use your expertise.

This is your ball. Don’t get all wrapped up in whom you’re throwing it to.

Don’t get stuck in your head figuring out the exact route of karmic payback you’re expecting. Whoever catches the ball is the Universe in disguise. You are part of the almighty energy web that is everything. Be ready because the balls are going to come gleefully back to you. Yes plural, I promise. Even if you’re already rocking your business, your life in general is pretty dandy, if you’re ready to up level, throw the ball. I’m not sure why it works this way I’m just living proof.

I’ve heard plenty of coaches and “experts” say giving your stuff away, gives it no value. Or if people aren’t paying high prices they won’t appreciate it.

Now we’re talking about something entirely different. This is advice for those who don’t believe in themselves and what they’re offering. I’m talking to you, Heroine! You know your worth, this about isn’t buckling on your close, this is offering a genuine GIFT to those in need. Got it? Good.

I’m convinced this is the most selfish, glorious game on Earth, the game of sacred service. It’s the magic pill.

Here’s what I’ve found it cures thus far: feeling meh, boredom, spiritual narcissism, overwhelm, binge ________ (fill in the blank, shopping, Netflix, eating, FB etc.), pity parties, gossip urges, self-criticism attacks, lethargy, apathy, depression, low self esteem, social angst, FOMO, and the list goes on. I suspect I could throw in acne, indigestion, and PMS too, and not be far from the truth. Give me a couple years and I’ll let ya know how it works on menopause.

It’s a way of priming the pump and there’s a delicate balance to it all.

Here’s the best regs I can offer:

1.) Start small

2.) Make it from the heart

3.) Keep your own well filled.

4.) Keep it simple

5.) Once you start keep it up!

For my sacred service, I am holding half day workshops in women’s homeless shelters in Seattle or San Diego monthly. I’m also co-hosting free monthly women’s circle in both areas. Contact me if you’d like to drop in for a bliss infusion, my gift to you!

(not even a funnel, just sacred service.)

So throw your F’n ball already! Be the amazing human you already are and get ready to receive!



Kara McKay (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


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Has the Law of Attraction placed the ball in your court? What’s one thing you can do to throw it and honor your deep desire to serve? Leave your answer in the comments below! 



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