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Introducing the crowned winner of last season’s Next Rising Business Heroine challenge… Marcie Mauro!

As winner of this interactive web-based reality challenge, Marcie received a full-ride scholarship to Business Heroine Academy and her own featured spread in Business Heroine Magazine.

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Marcie Mauro is a transformation catalyst, mindset expert, and high-heel wearing spiritual fireball helping those who dare to admit they want more in success, love, and everything in between. Her sweet spot is working with women who have ‘commitment issues’ to what they really want because they feel on top of the world one minute, then knee-deep in doubt the next.

No matter the entry ‘problem,’ the solution is always the same: go inward. Marcie believes the key to living your vision is working with the resistant parts of yourself that aren’t yet on board with it.

It’s not her formal degrees in psychology and relationships or her decade of professional experience in personal development that make Marcie amazingly talented – it’s overcoming never feeling ‘enough’ by building a relationship with her red hot soul. She’ll teach you how you can do the same through life-changing, soul-connecting experiences, if you’re ready to start taking the risks that actually matter. Enjoy her exclusive Business Heroine interview…




BH: Your biz name is Red Hot Soul. Spicy! Most people wouldn’t put those words together in the same sentence – can you tell us the meaning behind it?

Marcie: Some people actually get really put off when I say it because “spirituality” is so ‘trendy’ these days. I say, it’s a good thing for our world when the masses are connecting to something bigger, deeper, and more meaningful – in whatever way they relate to it. To me, Red Hot Soul spawned out of having walked through life completely disconnected from my Self and never feeling like I fit anywhere, spiritually-speaking. That disconnect was impacting every area of my life: I was struggling professionally, feeling out of love, and hating my body. Once I discovered that there was more to ME things started to shift (more on that later).

So, then I’m thinking about how awesome it was that I discovered my Soul (you gals know that bliss feeling)… but overtime I started to go into all kinds of judgments about parts of myself not being as soulful as other parts of me. Like, if I wasn’t all zen all the time, then something was wrong with me. Or, I’d experience a polarity between feeling my best ‘on’ Self when I wear makeup and heels – while at the same time judging myself (and by others) wondering if I actually was superficial.

The fact is we can be all of it whether we’re enjoying a little black dress night out with friends or we’re psychically channeling energies. I’ve come to learn and accept that whatever it is that makes you feel that deep sense of confidence, clarity, and connection – that’s soul; your soul.

I consider mine to be the sassy, playful spirit that comes through when I’m being most impactful in the world – she is just red hot. And, my guess is that if you’re resonating with any of this then your inner red hot is probably waiting to be seen, too. It’s about bridging the gap between being all out ‘woo woo’ yet still being relatable to your modern life.



BH: How has your relationship with your soul evolved? Were you always this intimate with Her?

Marcie: I was the gal who, like many of us, walked around living life out of my head instead of in my body and heart. [Read: fears, doubts, ruminations about anything and everything all day, every day.] It wasn’t until I had an outerbody experience in yoga class 10 years ago where I could actually see myself as I *really* am. She sat there as the polar opposite (in every way) to the bleak, grey, exhausted and health-declined woman I had turned into.

I had no idea that the miserable mess actually wasn’t the Real Me! It was someone I had created by believing all the inner b.s. I used to tell myself while at the same time trying to keep everyone around me happy. Once I got a glimpse that there was another Me in there, there was no going back. I was no longer willing to tolerate or believe the b.s. about myself. It was the start of something amazing.

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone really awesome for the first time, and you just instantly love them like your BFF? That’s how I felt with my soul.

I started going to Her for advice, treating her as my sacred confidant and that was when everything really started to shift for me. Instead of asking myself last, I now go to Her first and she continues to steer me in the right direction. Since then she’s helped me grow my business, deepen my relationships and better my sex life, and be the most confident I’ve ever felt in my body. She has become my #1 go-to for everything and it has completely transformed my life.

That’s why I’m committed to helping others do the same so they don’t have to second guess their every move or wonder if they’ll ever actually get to their vision. When you’re connected to your Soul the resistance disappears, and when your resistance disappears you have access to the resources and confident action that will take you where you want to go.



BH: From a business perspective, you’ve been told many times by ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ that, “Confidence and mindset don’t sell.” Clearly you’ve bucked the conventional wisdom. Can you tell us your take on this?

Marcie: Here’s the deal: You can have all of the how-to’s and affirmations in the world, but if you’re not in alignment with yourself then you’ll eventually hit up against resistance that stops you dead in your tracks. If it were as easy as a blueprint then we’d all be there by now, wouldn’t we? The majority of my clients know exactly what to do, but they’re still not doing it. Why? Something’s out of alignment – and it’s the moments where you’re at your edge or smacked in the face with upper limit problems that doing the inner work is absolutely critical.

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re resisting, doubting, avoiding the things you know will get you what you want most then your issue isn’t the need for new information, your issue is intimacy breakdown with your soul – period.

Sure, you can avoid it (and we’re really good at avoiding it) but those same damn walls don’t go ever away until we dive into the source of them, resolve it, and break the patterns. A lot of people are afraid of drowning in inner work, but there’s actually a way to work that takes you right to the core of what needs to shift and then –poof!– spontaneous transformation.

Those parts you were avoiding are so stinkin’ thrilled to finally have your attention that they’re ready and waiting for change. It’s so awesome. That’s where I specialize in my business: Obliterating the inner blocks that stop you when you’re right at the edge of what you want. It’s building intimacy with that little Red Hot Soul of yours that melts the obstructions and fast-tracks you to your vision.



BH: You love working with people who look like they’ve got it all together, but deep down know they aren’t taking the “risks that matter” (as you say). How do we know if we’re taking the ‘right’ risks?

Marcie: I often tell my clients (and, hell, anyone who will listen for that matter!) to close their eyes and ask themselves:

1. “What am I avoiding right now? Then…

2. “Why am I avoiding it?” Then…

3. “What tangible things do I need to do to get back into alignment with what my Higher Self is telling me?” (Sorry ladies, ‘just trusting’ is not going to cut it. YES, trusting is imperative – but what, specifically, are you going to do differently to show yourself that you’re committed to trusting?)

The answers you receive might surprise you, and that’s a good indicator that the risks you thought you were taking actually aren’t the ones that are most important for you. It’s up to you to do something with the guidance you receive, which (as a joke from the Universe) is often the most uncomfortable thing for us to do. [Doh!] If you ignore it, you’ll continue to recreate self-sabotaging patterns as opportunities to resolve what’s really blocking you.

So really the biggest risk of all is staying committed to your Higher Self, even when it sounds completely bass-ackwards crazy to your logical brain. The big risk you need to take is having the courage to ‘go there’ and look within yourself. I promise you, you’ll never be disappointed because that Soul– she’s got your back!



BH: How can the Business Heroines join your world of Red Hot Soul?

Marcie: If you’re diggin’ what I’m dishin’ it would be so fun to hear from you and connect through social media (Friend me here, Tweet with me here).

I also write spiritual growth and mindset-shifting articles for my community which always include a Weekly Dare to nudge them out of their comfort zone and fast-track them to achieve their vision. I’d love to help support the Business Heroine readers in this way by welcoming them to my (virtual) family and helping them dare to be more courageous! They can sign up for free Weekly Dares here:




BH: What advice do you have for those who are considering joining the Next Rising Business Heroine challenge and/or Business Heroine Academy?

Marcie: Do it! The community Anne [founder of Business Heroine] creates is amazing and diverse with biz owners of varying stages and industries. Business Heroine Academy gives you the opportunity to breathe in new commitment to your business vision with the guidance from her and the guest experts.

Anne leads powerfully and shares real-world experience we can learn from while cultivating a space where you can’t help but grow. Go in with your awesome goals, but be open to receiving whatever comes through the experience. You just might surprise yourself!

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