Sacred Sassy Heroine: The Myth Of Your Mission And Sexy Shoes

Kara McKay (Business Heroine Magazine)

Sacred Sassy Heroine: This is the everyday goddess within each woman. It is she who harnesses the unfeigned feminine energy that makes you divine. She embraces all-she-is and struts it like she means it. Today is the full moon. This cosmic event serves as a reminder to crack out of your proper exoskeleton and reconnect with the howling sister within. She is sacred. She is sassy. She is YOU. And she is a Heroine.

My bestie, Shanti, said it in a way I had never before heard and she blew mind in all the right ways.

It was in one of my mastermind Circles for badass chicas, when this red-hot laser beam of love melted through every other limited bullshit explanation in existence. The topic was your mission and life purpose.

Most people I meet tend to think of their mission as a thing, or a specific doing. Ha, let’s take me for example. My ego repeatedly tries to convince me that my mission is super finicky and can only happen on stages with big audiences, or during one of my retreats. Loads of yummy organic food and beaches are a requirement. Oh and this mission calls for super sexy shoes, don’t forget the bling baby. Is that not spiritual enough? Okay throw in some sacred plant medicine ceremonies, tingsha bells, and kirtan too.

The last thing my hotshot ego is willing to consider is that those Friday evening dates with Grandma, where we sit in the assisted living center watching Hallmark movies, (captions on because GG can’t hear anymore, not that she can see to read either, so she makes up the story line out loud, in between catching me up on all the gossip about our distant family that I’ve never met) just might be my mission.

I’m still haunted by the wise words of a Peruvian medicine woman last year as she gave me unbiased, unsexy counsel….

“If you want to do something important in the world, start with those closest to you, start with your family.”

Well that’s certainly was not what I wanted to hear. Guess she and Ram Dass are in cahoots. Immediately in the background of my mind he chimed in with his famous quote, “If you think you’re enlightened, just go home.”

Clearly she had never seen me on stage. If she came to one of my retreats and experienced the magic, then she’d understand. She hasn’t met my family. And the excuses and dismissals just kept coming. My ego wasn’t having it.

While I was still fending off her first bit of sage advice, she let another round fly, sucker punches I tell you! She eloquently and pragmatically reminded me, there is nothing to fix. Even as crazy as this world may seem my human view point is only able to see one stitch of the vast tapestry of life. What I perceive as broken, wrong, bad, unjust, and heart breaking is only my judgment. None of us came here to be superheroes.

I bit my tongue, refraining from explaining to her difference between a superhero and a super coach. Obviously I was the latter.

That shot some holes in my marketing mindset.

If we didn’t come here to help fix this mess, what the hell did we come for?

We came here to love and be loved and to expand through our experiences. It’s subtle but very different than helping or fixing.

Rather than trying to fix anyone, can I create an experience that offers a shift? Can I do that with love? If so then I’m in alignment with my mission. I’m on purpose.

Sometimes it’s nothing more than listening, really listening.

I know Ego feels all left out. She’s stomping around like a teenager on restriction.

Wait there’s more. Here’s the great news sweetheart, you can vibrate at the frequency of your mission in the humblest of ways AND you can put on your sexy shoes, rock that stage, seductively hypnotizing your audience of hundreds with the smoking hot reality of all your wisdom and badassery too!

If you’re one of the many who have yet to firmly articulate your mission. If you feel a little lost and overwhelmed with the figuring it all out, not to mention branding it, then please consider your mission to be a frequency you vibrate at. Feel when you’re on purpose, and then let it hum sister!


Kara McKay (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


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