What if there were no “have to” only “get to…”

Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

I often say you get to invent your reality (and career).

But this concept of “manifesting” gets taken way out of context… like you have to think only positive thoughts, avoid all negative emotions, and repeat a mantra 30 times every morning and your dreams will magically come true.

Not so much. At least not in my experience.

The truth is, it’s far simpler than that. The process for shaping your entire life comes down to one thing: DECISIONS.

Your entire life is shaped by your decisions.

You decide what to eat for dinner and then you eat it. That’s shaping your diet and health. You decide to go on dates with someone and now you are dating that person. You decide to be kind and show appreciation for your loved ones, and the quality of your relationships is shaped.

Even if you don’t make a decision, that’s still a decision. Could be an unconscious decision to avoid responsibility and let circumstances or other people determine the shape of your life, instead of choosing it intentionally.

OR, maybe you’re making a very conscious decision to not make a decision and, instead, to surrender to the Divine and allow Life to present what’s called for. That’s cool too. In fact, lately I’m a fan of that. But still, a decision was made.

Now this is where you have the power to transform everything…

Because you are already inventing your reality (and career). So, if your decisions shape your reality, make a wise decision about how you will make decisions!

Most of us have spent our entire lives shaping our realities around “have to.” Based on obligations we perceive are shackling us to a certain circumstance or fate. Or based on what we believe is possible and not possible for us. Or based on any other flavor of should, shouldn’t, must or can’t.

What if we just stopped that?

Really, just think about this for a moment with me here.

What if you stopped giving so much of your power to “have to?”

Scary? Yeah, for sure. Impossible? Well, careful before you resign to that one. The illusion does have a powerful grip, I know.

Let’s just go there though… What if the requirement for every yes or no in your life (and career) was based on your deepest alignment? Your truth. You know, deep down. Your actual heart-enlivening desires. Your natural way of operating.

Oh my god, exhale with me. Seeeeeriously.

I once heard the definition of “struggle” as “effort, laced with negative emotion.” In other words, forcing yourself to do something you’re out of alignment with.

Guess what — that experience (ahem, struggle!) goes away when you choose alignment above all else. And when you make your decisions based on true alignment, your entire life (and career) transforms.

This is this whole foundation of my work with my private clients, by the way. Sure, the nuts and bolts of crafting a successful business are there. Of course. Yet, the truth is, the business piece is much simpler than it seems, and my clients are often surprised when they discover they are natural entrepreneurs.

Key word – natural. Things feel complicated when we go against our nature. When we tap into our nature? Simplicity emerges. And it’s all much much more doable.

That’s why I spend less time telling my clients what to do, and more time extracting the essence of what’s already there (whether it’s business model, offerings, pricing, messaging, marketing strategy… all of it). We extract the truth, we make decisions based on that truth, and then we craft actions based on those decisions. This is how you walk straight into your true dream business.

Makes sense, right?

And hey, if you want support inventing and shaping your own soul-fueled, life-giving, prosperous business, then hit me up.


Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


We’d love to hear from YOU…

What might be possible for you if you made decisions based on “get to” instead of “have to”? Where in your life could you be more in alignment with your joy? Leave your answer in the comments below! 



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