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Business Heroine is a very proud sponsor of nü Icon the Movie – an innovative, interactive movie experience created by Soul Art Studio founder Laura Hollick, that guides you through a vision quest to discover your Iconic Essence.

We interviewed Laura and the entire cast of nü Icon the Movie – all iconic Business Heroines in their own right – about self-expression, beauty, and truth, and how these shape the emerging paradigm of entrepreneurship we find ourselves in today. Enjoy this exclusive Business Heroine interview…


Laura Hollick Soul Art Studio nü Icon the Movie Business Heroine MagazineMeet Laura Hollick – Laura is an award-winning artist, visionary guide, and multi-six figure entrepreneur. She is creator of Soul Art Studio, a business devoted to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration. nü Icon the Movie is one her signature global art projects, designed to guide the world, one person at a time, to their true Iconic Essence. If you’ve ever wondered how to bring your business self and your creative self together, Laura is someone to watch!

BH: Tell us about this concept of ‘Iconic Essence’ and how nü Icon the Movie came to be.

Laura: Iconic Essence is the core of who we all are. We all have this core quality that includes our spiritual blueprint and our divine destiny. When we tap into it we understand who we want to be in this world, what we can offer, and what we want to express. We are all on a journey to connect with that and, when we do, it informs us on what we are going to do with our life and with our business.

As I took that journey myself, I realized we need a global vision quest for each person in the world to find out their Iconic Essence because people tapping into that is what creates the new reality – each person being who they’re really meant to be. The movie project really started out of this desire to help, guide, and inspire people to discover who they really are so they could create their life in a way that matches them. nü Icon the Movie is that Vision Quest to discover your Iconic Essence.

You’ll see we use the concept of a rainbow to highlight how each one of us is a full spectrum of possibility and expression and, at the same time, how unique each one of us really is. In the movie, there’s a woman representing each color of the rainbow, and that color is really helping to bring forward their unique Iconic Essence.


nu Icon the Movie Business Heroine Magazine Laura Hollick Summer McStravick Alia Melissa Hall Liz DiAlto Laura Hames Franklin Jess Johnson Jody England Cora Flora


Meet Summer McStravick – Summer is the creator of Flowdreaming, a method for creating using the living energies of the Universe. She teaches us how to use flow and emotion to create spectacular change and growth in our lives. She represents the color PINK in nü Icon the Movie.

BH: Flowdreaming is not meditation, affirmations, or any other technique we’ve already come across, yet it is a super powerful form of manifesting. Can you give us a glimpse into what this about?

Summer: I tried everything that was out there and found that I wasn’t connecting in a way that I really wanted to connect. I would do affirmations but my emotions were always overriding what my mind was telling me to do. Think of the most powerful thought you’ve ever had. Now think of the most powerful emotion you’ve ever experienced. Our minds are always telling us one thing, but our emotions are stronger.

I realized when I’m truly connecting, I’m feeling a lot of emotion. Flowdreaming evolved from the idea that we naturally already daydream. It’s not like meditation where you have to learn it and practice it. Daydreaming already puts you in another state of mind where you’re essentially outside of time, and you forget where you are and what you’re doing.

I realized this is where we’re connecting all the time to flow energy. So what would happen if I put a lot of strong, directed emotion in there, while I’m thinking and dreaming about those things that I want to create? Flowdreaming is a very potent way to truly create new energy in the moment. I discovered there IS a path of ease for us, and I’ve never looked back since.


Alia Melissa Hall Femvolution nü Icon the Movie Business Heroine MagazineMeet Alia Hall – Alia is an electronic musical artist and DJ sharing musical medicine on stages worldwide. As the Founder of Femvolution, she mentors successful business women longing to express their creativity, offering them a path to transcend the limited blueprint they’ve been in so they can rise into the fullest expression of their artistry. She represents the color RED in nü Icon the Movie.

BH: You transitioned from corporate marketing executive to independent artist. What were the key shifts that you made, that took you from feeling cut off from your creative life force in your job to becoming a flourishing artist and leader?

Alia: One of the first and primary shifts I made was that I made a really simple decision. The decision was to reorient my life around more pleasure and more joy and more happiness. It was a huge yet subtle shift to choose those things that made me happy along the way. As I kept making those choices more opportunities kept coming, and music was one of those things.

In many ways it surprised me, the way that musical opportunities all of a sudden started sprouting. It was completely outside the paradigm of what I thought I would be doing – or what I was trained to do, or what my parents thought I would do – and it was so much fun I decided, “I’m just going to keep doing this! This is working!”

So here I am, almost five years later and playing on international stages. I’ve been making my own music over the last couple of years and I didn’t necessarily know that was coming either. We just have to clear ourselves out of a lot of the noise and what our environment is telling us, and come inside and listen to ourselves – allowing ourselves to follow whatever those impulses are. That is the core of what helped me make the shift.


nu Icon the Movie Business Heroine Magazine Laura Hollick Summer McStravick Alia Melissa Hall Liz DiAlto Laura Hames Franklin Jess Johnson Jody England Cora Flora


Liz DiAlto Wild Soul Movement nü Icon the Movie Business Heroine MagazineMeet Liz DiAlto – Liz is the creator of Wild Soul Movement – a sensual practice of self-discovery that combines movement, mantra and meditation. Her mission is to lead women to self-trust, self-love and self-acceptance so they can be sourced from within. She represents the color ORANGE in nü Icon the Movie.

BH: ‘Wild and free’ is a big theme for your life and work. Why are those your driving forces?

Liz: I spent a lot of my life seeking external validation. In my early twenties it was through career – through performance and achievement. When I became a personal trainer it was literally through my external appearance – having a tight body and things like that. There was even a point I remember thinking, “I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m thirty.”

What it all really came down to was how I thought all of these things would make me feel. I thought there would be an element of freedom that I would feel when I had enough or was enough. That’s where free comes in. It became a process of getting back to – almost a remembering – who I really am.

I got permission to do that when I decided to let wild be a driving force. A woman is a primal being! I never used to wear my hair out. I would keep it back, or it felt messy. It was in embracing the mess, embracing the Earth, and allowing myself to connect with the nature and the power and the energy of wild where where I really found freedom.


Laura Hames Franklin Super Human School nü Icon the Movie Business Heroine MagazineMeet Laura Hames Franklin – Laura Hames Franklin is the creator of Super Human School, a virtual “Hogwarts” for entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries. She is known as the entrepreneur’s secret weapon because, like a real life Hogwarts, Super Human School creates a magically powerful space where incredible shift happens, skills are finessed and new realities are birthed. She represents the color YELLOW in nü Icon the Movie.

BH: You say we can harness the over 90% untapped potential of our brains and our bodies – that we’re really capable of experiencing unlimited energy, peace, health, and superhuman powers. Tell us about this! How do we access this?

Laura: What exists in the Universe is a web of energy; a web of information. When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you see infinite wisdom, power, and energy. Within our brains, we actually have as many neurons as there are stars in the galaxy. Our brains have the capacity to harness and access power, insight, wisdom, and intuition in a way that reflects the power we see in the galaxy.

As for our bodies, we sometimes think of them as something we have to haul around with us. They can get tired, we have to feed them, and they can take effort. But right now you are breathing, your blood is circulating, your cells are reproducing, your hair is growing, and you’re digesting your last meal. When you know how to actually tune into the brilliance that is living you, you access the infinite wisdom that we all have within our bodies, which is life.

Most of us have absolutely no awareness of this, but when we can access it, the real power is gifted to us and miracles happen, and we start to be able to access the potential that humans really have.


Jess Johnson the Heartists Way Jeans 4 Justice nü Icon the Movie Business Heroine MagazineMeet Jess Johnson – Jess Johnson is a songstress, activist, social entrepreneur, facilitator, and shameless stand for liberation and expression of the heart. Founder of Jeans 4 Justice and author for The Heartists Way, she uses art, music, embodiment and play to connect people to their hearts and living a life of personal, emotional, and spiritual freedom. She represents the color GREEN in nü Icon the Movie.

BH: What do you feel is the role of emotion in connecting to your personal freedom?

Jess: I want to start with what happens when we’re not connected. From the time we’re young a lot of us learn what emotions are good and bad. There’s a lot of judgement that’s locked up – it’s really good to feel happy (as long as it’s not too much), it’s bad to feel rage. There’s such a stuffing down of our emotions from a young age that it tends to keep us on the spectrum of what is okay and acceptable to feel, because it’s what is safe.

In my own journey, there was a time in my life when I felt really numb because I was only feeling from here-to-here on my vast emotional spectrum. I’d always been a pretty “happy” person but, when I started to allow myself to broaden that, and experience grief and anger for example, I found that my happiness became fuller, richer, more real. And then I found myself being able to connect with other people in a very authentic and vulnerable way.

Emotional freedom creates intimacy with ourselves, with loved ones and family and friends, and even in our businesses if we allow ourselves to be real with what we’re feeling inside. So to me, that is a huge part of personal freedom – laughing like a crazy person when we’re so filled with that being real for us, and experiencing deep grief when that feels real – and not limiting ourselves to what’s considered “acceptable.”


Ariel White evoLover nü Icon the Movie Business Heroine MagazineMeet Ariel White – Ariel is an artist, entrepreneur, activist, and embodied muse of the modern renaissance. Founder of evoLover, an online platform for women’s sensual and creative expression, Ariel “makes love art” as a way of life. She represents the color TURQUOISE in nü Icon the Movie.

BH: How is beauty related to creating what we want in life?

Ariel: A collective wound that women are carrying right now is so much pressure to be beautiful – and if you’re not beautiful, you’re not worthy of certain things in life. Unfortunately when we look in most magazines we’re seeing these crazy distorted manipulated images that are supposed to be beautiful. And I’m just calling bullshit on that. That’s not what moves my soul. That’s not what brings me to tears in awe of the beauty of the world. It’s not that.

I want to really help restore an aligned perspective with what beauty is. Beauty is our birthright, and it belongs to all women. It belongs to all of humanity. Beauty is not something that is a privilege just for a select few. I turn to nature as our greatest teacher of what beauty is – it’s that pure natural, intrinsic, life-affirming essence that is within all of us. If we actually walk into the forest we can access beauty. And it’s free, it’s pure, and it’s not about commoditizing anything.

Beauty is infinite and there are always deeper levels of beauty that we can access and tap into. When we strip away layers and go to those depths and radiate from that core essential part of ourselves, we create what we want in business, love, and our relationships with ourselves. The more we do that for ourselves, the more authority we have in feeling the raw essence of beauty, and then we create a life that reflects that inner beauty.


Jody England Untamed You Wild Soul Medicine Radio nü Icon the Movie Business Heroine MagazineMeet Jody England – Jody England is a bridge between worlds. She is the host of Wild Soul Medicine Radio and the visionary behind Untamed You. She is a seer, truth teller and galactic emissary championing the return of Essence and freedom. She represents the color INDIGO in nü Icon the Movie.

BH: What do you think are the biggest fears women have about showing up in Essence? And what would really be possible for a woman who decides to summon her courage and do what she needs to do to fully show up in her essence?

Jody: There are so many fears for women in showing up in essence – there are probably more fears than freedoms around it. Many of us are afraid that if we show up in essence people aren’t going to ‘get’ us or they’re not going to like us. Or subconsciously we might even believe that we’re too much for them – if our full shininess was brought to bare, we might blow the doors off the place. So there’s every reason to remain small and to just keep being safe, and keep being ‘acceptable’ and nice.

The problem is it kills your soul. It kills your soul because there’s not actually any truth in that. You can only fake it for so long, and then your soul starts to wither because it doesn’t get to come out and play. Until we get the courage to actually show up in essence, we aren’t even really in our lives. You’re going through some motions, but you’re not actually IN it.

From essence, everything is possible. What I’ve experienced is that every level that I drop deeper into of who I really am, it is more and more rich and deep and beautiful. There’s happiness, there’s feeling, and there’s just a sense of aliveness that there’s no other way to access.


Cora Flora nü Icon the Movie Business Heroine MagazineMeet Cora Flora  – Cora is a soul blossoming musician on a mission to share the healing vibrations and messages of Divine Love Music. She represents the color PURPLE in nü Icon the Movie.

BH: There seems to be an emerging desire these days to bring art and spirituality into business – no longer keeping spirituality private and art just a hobby. Where do business, art, and spirituality intersect?

Cora: At our core, we are spirits first. If we can connect to our art, music, spirituality, creativity, our existence as creators – our true essence – we can find our real power. God, love, divinity IS the true power. It’s who we are at the core. The more that we connect with that, and unravel all the things that told us we weren’t that, the more powerful and thriving we are.

When I look at how I’ve been able to travel the world over the last couple years doing exactly what I love, and letting that evolve with me – writing, spiritual teaching, web design, and now full bloom music – it’s because of the spiritual work and my connection with the spirit that I’m able to do this. In a new song I wrote, I talk about how, “Every day I wake and give thanks for new opportunities of play. I tune into my core and ask myself what would I love to explore.” And that is my life!

When it comes to ‘spirituality’ many people think, “I need to sit cross-legged and try not to think, and then I’ll be spiritual.” But the truth is spirituality is our love, it’s our bliss, it’s our inspiration and excitement. So I would say to everyone out there, just follow your bliss and enjoy the ride, because our whole lives, our businesses, everything is our art and it’s beautiful.


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