Spotlight Interview: Sarah Entrup on the (Real) Power of Meditation

Sarah Entrup is an intuitive, healer and guide, teaching practices of ancient magic for the modern, sophisticated seeker. Through guided meditations, workshops and private sessions she teaches practical ways to remove blocks and overcome inhibiting internal patterns & programming. She specializes in helping women tap into the inherent pleasure and power of their bodies so they can create from their light and wholeness. With grace and grit, sass and sincerity, Sarah has worked with hundreds of high-level execs and spiritual seekers all over the world. She has a BA in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and is an ordained Minister with the Church of Inner Light.

Enjoy her exclusive Business Heroine interview…


A personal note from Sarah. . .

I woke up today feeling so incredibly angry. As the thoughts rushed into my mind of the Paris attack and Baghdad, and Iraq, and Lebanon and Israel and, and, and… I felt heat and irritation move through my brain.

“Fuck this life!”

I was angry.

I was angry at the insanity of people on this planet.

I was angry that humans actually kill humans on this planet, and somehow it is okay.

I was angry that this life is SO fucking hard sometimes and I was angry I could not escape.

I was angry that so many humans grow up so disconnected from themselves.

Throughout the morning my mind would jump to, “but wait, I am so blessed, I love this life, let’s radiate light…blah, blah, blah…”

But this morning the anger won. “Fuck all of this!”

A few hours later as I was doing the dishes my husband came into the kitchen and told me that there is some fucked up poisonous algae bloom in the ocean and crab season is postponed because everything is poisoned. WTF?!

I had to get out. I had to escape somehow. I left and went to yoga.



Within moments of arriving onto my mat I felt my body. I felt so raw and so OVERWHELMED! As my breath deepened I started to cry. And I felt how the anger was keeping all my emotions pushed out. But trying to keep everything held out there at arm’s length is fucking EXHAUSTING!

In that moment of feeling my total exhaustion I decided to breathe everything in. All the pain. All the overwhelm. All the fear. All the heartbreak. All the resistance. EVERYTHING.

I just sucked it right into my body. And I cried. I sobbed. As we went from asana to asana my mat was covered in tears. I wept. I would stop occasionally and drop into child’s pose. I would collapse into the sorrow. Then I would pop back up and meet the class in the next asana.

I cried for the insanity on this planet.

I cried that this is the world my children will grow up in.

I cried that this life is SO fucking hard sometimes.

I cried for all the emotions I hold back in my everyday life.

I cried for all the victims.

I cried for the terrorists.

I cried for the environment.

I cried for myself.

I cried for the collective numbness.

I cried because light will return to my being and I will forget the horrific pain of this life.


creating peace and abundance - Sarah Entrup

Business Heroine Magazine


I cried for the collective disconnection with our own soul that we all share.

I cried for the disconnection of the Soul because I believe it to be the cause of all of our suffering and pain: physical, emotional, spiritual, individual, collective, cultural, global and environmental.

As I moved into another heart opening asana I became very aware of being witnessed­ not by anyone in the yoga class, but by guides, angels, spirit. I saw a circle of beings surrounding me. And in that moment of tender awareness I internally screamed from my heart “HELP!” “Oh please god, goddess, spirit, angels HEEEEELLLLLPPPP! I cannot handle this pain. I cannot hold this resistance. It will crush me. It is crushing me.” And they came streaming into my consciousness, heart, and body. The tears came again.

But they were not tears of anger and pain. They were tears of love. So. Much. Love. By deeply feeling everything, I opened up enough to feel beyond the pain and into what was waiting to be given to me­ deep support, and reconnection with my own Soul once again!



Thank Goddess!

It was only after I had felt, breathed in, and processed all that resistance and anger that I could feel the love and support again.

We see all the pain and suffering that is happening in the world around us and we ask why. Why is this happening? It is happening because of this core separation from our Soul!

Do you want to help alleviate the pain in the world? Then heal your core wound of separation with yourself!

You came into physical form at this time on the planet because you believed yourself to be strong enough to find a way to remember. Remember your grace and bring it to the grit of life. Remember your wholeness and bring it to all the cracks. Remember your divinity and bring it into your humanity. You are so strong. And…

It’s time to remember!



You might think that your personal disconnection is subtle, or not very overt. I am here to tell you think again ­ feel again. It is time for ALL OF US ​to reevaluate where we have helped to create the pain and suffering in the world by avoiding our deepest pains and continuing the disconnection with our own Soul.

Join Sarah Entrup for 30 Days of Meditation in January.

In the 30 days of Meditation you will go down the rabbit hole of your Soul, and learn how to reconnect to yourself again, again, and again. You will walk through the garden of your brightest light, and your deepest fears. You will intimately know who you are, what you are capable of, and why you are here.

This is a Jedi training for your Soul! Seriously.

The 30 Days of Meditation is not for the faint of heart, but you will have more help than you know. If you have never meditated before, or if you have a regular practice, these thirty days will evoke you and bring you to a new place within yourself and your life! We will be breathing, witnessing, visualizing, moving, laughing, crying, and dancing.

Join Sarah in reconnecting.

Sarah Entrup (Business Heroine Magazine)

Click the Image to Join 30 Days of Meditation!

To get more details, and sign up ­ go here.





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