When You’re Secretly BIG, This is What it Takes to Be GREAT

Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

Confession time: Do you secretly know you were born for something big?

It’s an awkward thing to talk about.

It’s more comfortable (and socially acceptable) to share about your flaws and shortcomings — your bad procrastination habit, that growing collection of stretch marks, how you suck at sports — than it is to fess up about… well, your greatness.


your greatness - Anne Perry

Business Heroine Magazine


Maybe you’ve told just a very few close friends. Or maybe you’ve never uttered a word to a single soul.

But deep down, you know. That you are destined for greatness. And I don’t mean in a we’re-all-winners-everyone-deserves-a-blue-ribbon way. I mean you just know you are here to play a bigger game than the average person.

To the point where you realize you’ll never be satisfied in a status quo humdrum mediocre cookie cutter life.

Kind of sucks sometimes, actually. I know I’ve wished on more than one occasion:

“For the love of God and all that is holy… why can’t I just be satisfied with a normal job, and a normal life, like a normal person?!?!”

But you just can’t be fulfilled with that. You’re wired to reach, to expand, to contribute. In your own way, yes, and also in a big way.

You just… see it. You can see yourself writing books and speaking on stages and being industry famous. The business greats you follow? You feel like you’re actually meant to be their friend and peer, not just another subscriber on their email list.

Yeah, it’s awkward to admit aloud, isn’t it? But it’s true.

One of my clients recently said something to me, which was just pure awesomeness. She said:

“I don’t know how I know this or where this is coming from — and it’s funny to say — but somehow I just know I’m going to do big things. … *pause* … So I might as well do it now.”

“So I might as well do it now.”
How cool is that?!?!
Own it. Do it. Amen, sister.

And it truly is that simple. First it takes admitting that you really do know you are a rising star here to do big things. And then you can just choose to do it now. It’s right here, and it’s waiting for you. You just say yes to it and step on in.

That’s why, when powerhouse Dori Eppstein-Ransom invited me to speak at the upcoming Be GREAT Conference in Seattle, I was an instant heck-to-the-yeeeeezie. (That’s even bigger than being an instant YES).

If you are anywhere near the Pacific NorthWest, you’ve got to join us! If you are nowhere near the Pacific NorthWest… duuuuude, get on a plane.

The video below is a conversation we had about why events like Be GREAT are critical to your growth and expansion – from a business perspective for sure and, more importantly, from the perspective of really truly fully stepping into the world-changing, galaxy-shifting, on-fire-with-purpose influencer you were born to be.

Also in the video… a sneak peak about the talk I’ll be giving at the Be GREAT Conference. Hint: It has to do with the mechanics of breakthrough. Yes, there are mechanics, and once you know how the machine works you never have to wonder again why it can seem like some invisible force field is keeping your desires just out of reach… you can zap right through it.

P.S. Please forgive my inability to arrange my webcam correctly. Haha… looks like I’m having a conversation with my keyboard. But whatevs, you’ll get the gist.

Join me in Seattle? Click for tix here…

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