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Anne Perry and Dr. Ren (Business Heroine Magazine)

From Dream to Real – Business Heroine Visits New Jersey

What do you do when “someday” is no longer cutting it, and the business you’ve been dreaming up wants to exist NOW? That’s exactly the question that summoned entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and industries to Montclair, New Jersey, for a Business Heroine workshop, “From Dream to Real” with founder Anne more »

Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

When You’re Secretly BIG, This is What it Takes to Be GREAT

Confession time: Do you secretly know you were born for something big? It’s an awkward thing to talk about. It’s more comfortable (and socially acceptable) to share about your flaws and shortcomings — your bad procrastination habit, that growing collection of stretch marks, how you suck at sports — than it is to fess up more »

Activating “The Click” with Soul Art – Access Your Flourishing Life

Business Heroine Magazine is a proud sponsor for International Soul Art Day, an annual event created by Laura Hollick. This is an honor. Not just because Laura Hollick is one of my favorite entrepreneurs ever. Which she is. After all, Laura has geniusly shattered the old and stubborn paradigm of the “starving artist” and created more »