Hello, my human friend.

Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

Years ago, I had a business card that simply said: “Anne Pike, Human Being.”

Pike is my maiden name.

Human Being is the best I could come up with to describe my role in the world.

I truly didn’t know what title to give myself (I was dabbling in real estate as the time), and I suppose I was also feeling a bit sassy the day I placed my order on good ol’ VistaPrint.

Now though, when I reflect back on it, I think perhaps there was a little nugget of unintentional wisdom coming through, unbeknownst to me. Because today the leading edge of business – at least in my book – is no longer what you “do” but who you “be”.

That might sound all sorts of cliché and, honestly, this is something I’m still exploring. It goes deep. My experience so far, though is that this changes everything.

Because, even though we tend to give all sorts of credit to our hard work, that’s not our magic, In fact, while of course action is part of how you create as a physical being, the efforty hard work thing actually blocks your magic. Your magic lives within alignment, and nothing less. When you simply do YOU, you invite ease. And it’s powerful.

Your beingness becomes your leadership.

Your YOUness is your value.

And business becomes as natural as breathing.

You are just you, no matter where you go or what you’re wearing. And I’m just me. Anne Perry, Human Being.

In fact, this is exactly why I was inspired to start a new podcast with my soul sister, Maura Burgess. It’s called The Little and the Much, and it’s simply two friends showing up as we are, talking about whatever is up. ANd it really doesn’t matter what we talk about, because Much is revealed in the Little escapades of life. It’s basically wisdom disguised as fun.

Business-wise? Kind of an experiment.

Truthfully, this podcast is not really a business strategy. I’m doing it because I know when I show up as me and share my unique breed of insights, I tap into my magic. And Im willing to find out where that leads.


Anne Perry (Business Heroine Magazine)

Business Heroine Magazine


So, human being, I would love for you to listen and better yet, join the conversation with us! Click the image to listen in!


The Little and The Much Business Heroine Magazine Anne Perry Maura Burgess






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