The Empowered Messenger: Selling Isn’t Slimy!

Emerald Peaceful GreenForest

The Empowered Messenger – The heroine whose message burns inside her, begging to be released. Even though her pen may quiver and her voice may shake, she knows it is time to stand in her power – clear, confident, courageous. She says yes to the call, and she shares her message, because she was born to inspire.

Question: I hate selling! I’ve learned from other business leaders that I need to “ask for the sale”, but it feels so slimy and manipulative. I don’t want to have to convince my clients to buy. How can I feel authentic and happy while selling?

Answer: The entire selling process starts with you being exquisitely clear on your message. That includes being clear on who your divine client is. That’s what I call the divine client essence.

The clearer you are about your message, the less “selling” you will ever have to do, because in your marketing, in your communication out to the marketplace, you are making it clear to the market itself and hopefully to your divine client, exactly, specifically, and precisely how you can support them to either solve the problem you are uniquely designed to solve that they happen to have, or to fulfill the desire that they happen to have that you were uniquely designed to fulfill.

So, before you even get to the selling conversation, you have got to be exquisitely clear with the message, and with the value of what it is that you have to offer.

The second piece is understanding the value of what you have to offer. Not only your own value, but the value of what the offer is to the person that you’re making the offer to.

For somebody who is really struggling with something, they may pay any amount of money to get this problem resolved.

For somebody who is deeply desiring something, let’s say for example they have on their bucket list to have a private, customized, personalized forest retreat, they’ve probably been saving money from every paycheck or every commission or every gift that they’ve received. They’ve been setting aside money for this private, customized, personalized deep dive forest retreat, and actually inside them, they are so excited about being able to give this to themselves.

If you understand how valuable that is to them, you are going to be able to clearly communicate not only the message, but the value. And then by the time you get to the selling conversation, it’s really just a matter of having the transaction happen. It’s really just a matter of saying “what’s your sixteen digit number, and let me put it into my system and get you processed and enrolled so we can get you started right away!”

There’s no manipulation there. There’s no slime there. There’s just meeting a need in the market with your gift in the most beautiful way possible, and then having a little monetary exchange happen to seal the deal! Simple as that.

So if you’re stuck in the clarity around your messaging, that’s the first place you want to look. If you’re attracting people into your business and it feels like a struggle to communicate with them, to help them make the decision to say “yes” to go forward with you, then you’ve got to backtrack. You’ve got to step way back and look at what you are doing.

Why are you here?

What do you stand for and who are your exact, specific, and precise people?

This is an energetic connection, even more so than articulating the words. This is something I love to help people with, understanding how to distill your divine client essence. From there, you craft an offer that is so amazing, and so powerfully meeting their desire or fulfilling their need or solving their problem, that the selling conversation basically becomes a transaction, like “oh my god yes I need to have that, where do I sign?”

That’s the kind of experience that you want to have in the selling conversation.

The third thing I want to say to you is get yourself out of the way! This has zero to do with you, other than can you deliver? That’s all it has to do with you!

Can you deliver on what you are putting out there that you say you can deliver on? If you’re not in integrity with that, then get out of the business, because you have no business being in business. But if you can deliver, the selling conversation is really all about them. It’s all about this divine client and really connecting deeply with what they desire, and discerning whether you can fulfill that desire.

Believe you me, if you can’t fulfill that desire, or if you feel shaky about fulfilling that desire, or if you feel “well, I could fulfill part of that desire so maybe I should make the deal”, don’t do that deal! That’s a disservice to you, that’s a disservice to the client, and it’s a disservice to the sacredness of the selling conversation. 

That’s all I have, and I’m going to enjoy the last rays of sun on this beautiful summer evening!


Emerald Peaceful GreenForest

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