Cover Interview: Anne Perry and Maura Burgess bring you The Little & The Much podcast

Anne Perry and Maura Burgess (Business Heroine Magazine)

When asked how she became a magazine editor and CEO of Business Heroine, founder Anne Perry willingly shares her secret: “I just made it up.” Anne believes we get to invent our life (and career) and that our most potent magic for doing so is owning who we are and showing up as that.

Maura Burgess is a Spiritual/Life Comedian and Speaker that proudly displays her certificate from the Bovine Metropolis School of Improvisation (and keeps her Accounting Degree hidden in a closet). She is the creator of the ‘Sacred over Serious’ experience, which encourages people to live boldly, joyfully and very irreverently.

Anne and Maura have joined forces to bring you The Little & The Much – a new podcast exploring the Much that is revealed in the Little escapades of life. Enjoy their exclusive Business Heroine Interview…


What Is The Little & The Much?

Anne: Each and every one of us humans has a unique perspective, and it’s perspective that shapes reality. What may feel simple, obvious, or even un-noteworthy to one of us opens up worlds for another. When we simply show up and share what is on our hearts and minds – deeply, or even in the silly or the trite – we unlock possibility. The Little & The Much is that conversation. Maura and I share our unfiltered perspectives, and we invite our listeners to join the conversation as well, because conversations create our world.

Maura: The Little & The Much is a conversation between two friends, who want to explore how life is lived in different dimensions and on different levels. We explore a variety of topics and let our hearts lead. We suspend judgement of what is trivial and what is deep and just joyfully explore, letting the insights come where they may. It is also an opportunity to encourage our listeners to fully engage in their lives from their unique vantage point, and to do so in a playful manner.


The Show Rolls Like This:

The Banter

Maura: This is the part of the show where we check in to see what wants to bubble up. We start pedaling the bike, asking inspiration and intuition to take over and guide the journey.

Anne: Totally. What I love about The Little & The Much is that we don’t plan our episodes. We simply show up and whatever wants to come through gets to come through. Topics that neither of us could have or would have come up with on our own have a way of rising to the surface. The show has a life of its own, and the conversation is as much a discovery for us as it is for our listeners!


Open to Page

Anne: I love our Open to a Page segment, because it’s basically a conversation with Life (with a capital L). We show up like, “Okay Life, whatchu got for us?” Then we grab a random book off the shelf, flip the pages and see where it lands, and read what good ol’ Life wants us to hear. And then, of course, we talk right back to Life.

Maura: Have you ever heard stories where people say that a book literally “jumped” off a shelf in a bookstore or library and they read it and knew it was for them? This is a playful shout out to that process, where we see what pops out in our surroundings. We can read from whatever our heart desires, it doesn’t have to necessarily be a book. For me, it has only been books so far, just because I record in my library/meditation den. But who knows, one of these days we may just read the back of a cereal box or beer bottle label! Wisdom lurks in things little and much.


Do We Give a Duck?

Maura: When we shot our cover art at the Metro Hotel in Petaluma, there were some big plastic ducks in the courtyard pond. We knew these had to be in the shoot. Like wonderful dorks, we began playing with the ducks in some of the photos and then asking the question, “Do we give a duck or not?”

Anne: As soon as we started joking around about giving a duck and not giving a duck, I was reminded of this amazing article by Mark Manson called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” You have to read it if you haven’t yet… in fact, this article is the perfect example of the light-hearted deep wisdom that we hope to capture in The Little & The Much. Maybe we need to bring in Mark Manson as a special guest in a future episode. (Hey, if you know Mark, send this along to him!)


I Love Myself When

Anne: Maura and I recently spent a few days in Vegas with some friends (whaddup Donielle, Paige, and Wendy!), and whenever Maura was overcome with joy in the moment, she’d spontaneously shout, “I love myself when I’m playing Blackjack!” Or, “I love us when we drink wine and pull oracle cards on the Strip!” What a fun way to express joy, AND a permission slip to actually declare our awesomeness. My mom always says, “If you don’t toot your own horn, it might not get tooted.” So yeah, we’re putting that in the show.

Maura: This is the part where we get to do a little shout out to ourselves and hopefully in the process, encourage our listeners to do the same for themselves. It feels very audacious and that makes me very happy, because I truly mean it when I say it.


Now, Time to Listen to the Show!

Tune in with Anne & Maura at

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